Made a few little changes to my setup, feel free to give me suggestions!

2021.09.28 04:02 Artistic_Heron_4950 Made a few little changes to my setup, feel free to give me suggestions!

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2021.09.28 04:02 Demoniokitty Not me drawing everyday to promote the novel I'm translating because of how much I love it.

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2021.09.28 04:02 ignorantwanderer Can switching fossil fuel heating to electrical heating reduce carbon emissions?

I live in Ontario. The base load at night is supplied pretty much entirely by non-fossil fuel sources (nuclear and hydro). It seems to me that if I heat with electricity at night instead of natural gas, that is carbon-free heat.
But then when I start looking at the details I'm not so sure:

  1. Looking at power generation, the nuclear power is basically constant over the 24 hour cycle, but the hydro power increases during the day (when there is more demand) and decreases at night. During the day they make up the peak demand with mostly gas powered electricity. So if I heat with electricity at night that increases the electricity demand at night, which means the hydro has to work more in the night time. Does this mean it isn't storing up as much water so it can't run as hard during the day? If this is true, this would mean that me running the electric heater at night results in less hydro during the day so more gas generated power during the day. So I'm essentially heating with gas generated power, and we all know it is more efficient to heat directly with gas than it is to generate electricity with gas and then heat with electrical resistance heating.
  2. During the night Ontario uses less hydro power than during the day. But maybe they generate a constant level of hydropower and at night they export what they don't need to the Northeast USA. So the Northeast can shut down some of their gas/oil/coal power plants at night because they have the carbon-free hydropower from Canada. But if I run my electric heater at night, Ontario can't export as much electricity, so the Northeast can't shut down as many fossil fuel plants. Again, the net effect of me heating with electricity at night is fossil fuels being burned in the States to replace the power I'm using.
So, what do you think? If I heat with electricity at night when my power comes completely from non-carbon sources, is my heat carbon-free? Or does my use of electricity at night in Ontario result in more fossil fuels being burned either in the day, or in some other location?
Now, I realize the heating of one house is insignificant. But I'm actually looking into creating a business that will create incentives for people to heat with electricity at night with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions. If I were to successfully create this company, it might actually start having a significant effect on nighttime power consumption and nighttime carbon emissions.
Which brings me to the next topic:
Let's say I can get 5 million people to heat their houses with electricity, with the electric heaters controlled by the electric company so at night everyone can use their electric heaters, but as demand increases during the day the heaters are shut off to even out demand (heat is then supplied by their regular fossil fuel heat sources), and all the heater are shut off before gas generating plants are turned on. This would even out the demand for electricity and make fine-tuning control of the electric grid easier. The end result is that there is more demand for electricity, but the demand for electricity is evened out much better between day and night. The electric demand is more constant.
Would this make it easier to build green electricity generation for the grid? If the utilities could build another nuclear power plant, it would certainly be good to have even demand. But politically building another nuclear power plant is unlikely. Likewise building and using more hydropower capacity would be easier with more constant demand, but politically and geologically I don't think there is likely to be new hydro in the pipeline. This plan of increasing demand at night to even out demand would work terribly with solar as the power source, for obvious reasons.
So is there any benefit (measure in reduced CO2) to increasing overall electric demand, but making electric demand more constant over the day/night cycle?
If I use carbon free electricity at night in Ontario, is the end result that more carbon is burned during the day or in other locations to make up for the carbon-free power I used? And if I can create a system that increases overall electric demand, but evens it out to be constant over the day/night cycle, does that make it easier for utilities to generate electricity from carbon free sources?
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2021.09.28 04:02 ProudPolishPolak What’s my name?

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2021.09.28 04:02 Rakayaze Fanon Ships?

Just wondering what fanon ships do people like and hate most. Also, why do you think people ship Hermione with every single character? And why is it more popular than other ships? No hate, just curious.
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2021.09.28 04:02 bassicrob Tilt-up Garage Door Recladding?

I have a tilt-up garage door from the 1960s on my 1932 detached garage in NYC. I don't ever intending on using the garage for a vehicle, and actually like the tilt-up operation over a sectional since I don't have a lot of head room as is. The overhead storage is more important and I have no desire for an automatic opener. These doors are pretty common in my neighborhood, and many have replaced with a sectional. No one seems to sell the single panel tilt-up anymore here, but they appear pretty common in Cali, CA, UK, and Aus (would love to mimic this look ->
The garage is CMU block and door is framed with wood blocking. The jambs are anchored well but I have issues with rot in the lower portion of the jambs. The garage door interior is in good condition except for the bottom channel. The outside steel panel is in bad shape along the bottom third. The previous owner added an aluminum sheet over the existing steel. This got me thinking...
Can I weld in a new bottom channel and miscellaneous other welded reinforcements? Can I remove the exterior steel panel and re-clad with an aluminum or steel metal wall panel (i.e. I might even add 1.5" polystyrene and a light-gauge aluminum sheet on the interior as the door does receive direct sun in summer afternoons. All of this I am thinking would be close in weight to what is already in place. Is this feasible? And who would be good for this work? Any garage door specialist around here tries to immediately sell a sectional.
Pics of existing and some ideas for supplemental framing if needed -
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2021.09.28 04:02 DuaneLane Ya boy.

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2021.09.28 04:02 ReasonablePractice83 Too late to apply for Computer Science 2022 September?

Hello, I'm still working on grades for my Grade 12 courses through ILC. I know the deadline is in January, but wondering if the courses are already full by any chance. Are students still being accepted into Computer Science degree program?
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2021.09.28 04:02 No_Subject3329 Anyone know why my GOAT order is stuck in “Your item was authenticated by our specialist and will be shipped to you shortly” its been stuck there for like 5, 6 days. I click on track package and it says Estimated delivery “pending”

Anyone know why my GOAT order is stuck in “Your item was authenticated by our specialist and will be shipped to you shortly” its been stuck there for like 5, 6 days. I click on track package and it says Estimated delivery “pending” submitted by No_Subject3329 to Goatapp [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 04:02 Upscaled-Enhanced look at those lips

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2021.09.28 04:02 Homelander-30 I agree with this

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2021.09.28 04:02 Sinister5ixX MomZilla doesn’t listen to me.

I need some help before I start having a mental breakdown.. My mom won’t listen to anything I ever have to say. She tells me that I’m the one causing all the problems when I mind my own business.
This all started back in 2017, when I (a white male) met my now baby-momma (a mixed black girl).
For 5 years now they have butt heads, because my mom has had some pretty bad alcohol addiction and it made her say and do some really stupid things that pissed her off. Such as coming into my room extremely drunk while my girlfriend was over talking about “The n—-‘s up the street jumped our fence” and my girlfriend thought it was wrong for my mom (a extremely white old lady) to be using that term.
On another occasion I had made plans with my alcoholic mother and step dad that I was gonna have her over, they both agreed not to drink that day, so we could enjoy the company. That didn’t last long. Between the time it took for me to go pick her up and bring her by they had already had multiple drinks. Instead of being involved in their activities we decided we would go to my room and mind our own business. My then already hung over from the night before and working back into the roll stepdad proceed to blast music and I asked politely for them to turn it down. Instead my mom decides she wants to come up stairs and talk to us with a drink in her hand. Ever since she got with my stepdad she has developed the worst drinking problem. (I don’t know which was worse the smoking addiction she had 10 years before that she broke. Or the drinking problem.) Now everyone knows just how some people’s drinking can make them a whole different person, right? I told my mom I wanted her to leave us alone. Instead she insisted on staying, and I told her “You’ve already offended her. Leave us alone.” She then proceeded to start blowing up on me and her and of course the n word was thrown around again. Instead of sitting there and fighting, we left.
Now my mom has always had this horrible habit of not being able to apologize for anything. She always that’s to point the blame but can never take it. Since that incident my girlfriend has made it a point that the house doesn’t feel like a friendly, inviting place. I’d try and convince her to come by but she never wanted to. This led to me and my girlfriend arguing more. My mom then started saying I’m just hiding my girlfriend from her, and arguing with her too. Eventually my girlfriend and I split up.
A year and a half later I’ve had it with my mom and step dad putting on the drunk show every night. I move out. Get some shitty roommates, 6 months go by there and my ex and I start talking again. Of course we still love each other. We start talking, hanging out, and then got back together. When my roommates and I had our lease end, I moved again and we got our own apartment together.
At the time I was using a van my boss had me drive for work, and I had 2 Jeep’s. I ended up getting into a wreck with the van while I was on my way to start my delivery route. Since then I’ve pretty much been using my moms van. As I’m a independent contractor there’s not much for benefits for me. I have held a job consistently for 8 years with no vacation ever, now another year and a half has passed and we just had our first child, a daughter. My moms best effort at making amends with my girlfriend in the last 5 or so years was a half assed, drunken, backhanded “I’m sorry, you’re welcome” for the most part. So because my mom can’t make a meaningful apology my girlfriend doesn’t want her around our daughter.
All it would’ve taken is a simple apology like “Hi, I’m sorry about everything that happened before. Things were said that should never have been said and I apologize for that. I’d like to make amends would you two like to maybe go to dinner sometime and fix things?” That’s it.
Instead she wants to create some legal drama. “Grandmothers rights” etc etc. Who’s in the wrong. My girlfriend that just wants a meaningful apology or the racist white lady who just wants to point the finger? I keep telling her it’s not me keeping secrets. It’s literally the consequences of her own actions. Someone tell me what I should do.
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2021.09.28 04:02 mynameisdpc This seasons watch and phone wallpapers. LGP.

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2021.09.28 04:02 clip_mirror_bot Can't even take a compliment

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2021.09.28 04:02 sparkie1190 What is this boys breed?

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2021.09.28 04:02 MeggyBearr Another baby after twins?

Those of you who had singletons (or multiples again) after your first set, what is the age difference and how did you know when to try again? My twins are 16 months and although I’m not 100% sure about it yet, if I do have another baby I want them to be close enough in age to play together. However that also makes me nervous about having three in diapers or potty training with a newborn and being totally overwhelmed. I love my twins so much and if they’re my only babies I can live with that, but I sort of feel like grieving when I think that I’ll never have another baby. How did you know for sure that it was the right decision? Thank you.
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2021.09.28 04:02 igotfriendsinKC I can’t make sense of what happened here.

I’m a 32F that got dumped by my 34M partner after almost four years together, three weeks ago. I had got out of a previous relationship a few months before we started dating with a man who had been clear he did not want marriage or children (I foolishly ignored this fact for more complicated reasons than just really liking him). Those things are very important to me, so I asked this partner directly if they were important to him too early on in the relationship (we were friends for some time first so it wasn’t totally weird to ask). He said yes, he absolutely wants to do those things. He spent the next month or two telling EVERYONE we were going to get married. His family, my family, our friends. I was not bothered by this at all because I thought we were a perfect match too. He told me he loved me like two weeks into the relationship. I was a little overwhelmed but I said it back because I knew I was going to get there. I went away six weeks into the relationship for a month on a pre planned trip. I left him my keys to water my plants. He basically moved in to my apartment while I was gone, and never left. We got our own place a few months later. We lived together officially for over three years. Each year he promised we would get engaged, and then didn’t follow through. Each time he didn’t follow through, he promised me a new timeline. He wrote in my birthday card eight weeks ago that he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with me.
And then three weeks ago he walks down the stairs of our shared home and tells me he doesn’t want to marry me, doesn’t want kids with me, that he won’t change his mind, and he doesn’t want to work on it.
What IS THAT? I can’t wrap my brain around it. How can you look someone in the eyes and lie to them for years? How does one EVER believe another person again after that? I figured out a few months ago that he had cold feet, but I still believed in him and us. I don’t know if I’m venting or looking for advice or what. I’m just feeling really lost right now.
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2021.09.28 04:02 ZacHefner “Believe me, if I looked good, it’s not an accident.” — Nora Ephron

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2021.09.28 04:02 Rocks_2018 ERAS Confusion

After certifying my application and going to pay the fees for the programs. I saw this message highlighted in red for me "md residency programs will receive your application on 09/29/2021 4 PM ET"
Will this be a problem since programs start reviewing applications at 9 AM EST on Sep 29? or how does this work? Did you guys get a similar message?
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2021.09.28 04:02 bongrip4president starting rollout for friday!!! 😩😩😩

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2021.09.28 04:02 jardon-is-good My friends "Celestial Warlock"

This was my friends warlock that they made and they wanted me to show it off.
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2021.09.28 04:02 autotldr Power shortages in China hits homes and factories prompting global supply fears

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 68%. (I'm a bot)

Widening power shortages in China's north-east have left homes without power and halted production at numerous factories, while some shops operated by candlelight as the economic toll of the squeeze mounted.
China's power crunch, caused by tight coal supplies and toughening emissions standards, has hurt production in industries across several regions and poses a risk to already strained global supply chains.
In the city of Liaoyang, 23 people were hospitalised with gas poisoning after ventilation in a metal casting factory was shut off after a power outage, according to state broadcaster CCTV.The suspension of production at some factories prompted concerns over the possible shortage of goods ahead of Christmas, including smartphones and devices.
Liaoning province said power generation had declined significantly since July, and the supply gap widened to a "Severe level" last week.
At least 15 Chinese companies have said in exchange filings that production had been disrupted by power curbs, while more than 30 Taiwan-listed firms with China operations had stopped work to comply with the power limits.
The fallout of the power shortage has prompted some analysts to downgrade their 2021 economic growth outlook for China, and also warned of possible global supply shortages to textiles, toys and machine parts.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: power#1 supply#2 China#3 city#4 shortage#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2021.09.28 04:02 AbdurrahmanAF Discord bot going offline

So, as a holiday project, I'm trying to make two bots who reply to the other's messages. They'll check the ID of the sender and if it matches the ID of the other bot, it will send a message with the number of times that bot has replied. I had Heroku host the bots (free membership) and it turns out that the bots would just... stop?
For no reason, I looked at the codes and there seems to be no problem there so could it be something with Heroku?
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2021.09.28 04:02 Animal_Outside LF: IV X YOZORA "OMINOUS"

If anyone got it please lmk
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2021.09.28 04:02 I_Bang_Grannies Well, this explains why I was 13 yards from the drive thru window and they threw my order at me 7 yards short of my car window.

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