Found my new excuse to get out of talks I don't want to have

2021.09.28 02:31 esquqred Found my new excuse to get out of talks I don't want to have

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2021.09.28 02:31 TzLad Graduation Deadline

So I really fouled up and missed the application for graduation deadline to graduate in December. I emailed my advisor and called the advising office for my college but haven’t heard back yet. Has this happened to anyone and what was your result?
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2021.09.28 02:31 atmydisposal Her: what kind if music do you listen to? Me: you probably haven't heard of it... It's pretty underground

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2021.09.28 02:31 fallenkeith2018 29 Crypto Exchanges Survive New Regulation in South Korea, 37 Exchanges Must Shut Down

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2021.09.28 02:31 PotMaskedMan Everyone vibin with Guoba but nobody showing some love to the cutest Pharmacy assistant in Liyue. Big Sadge

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2021.09.28 02:31 The_Golden_Warthog Anyone else see the resemblance?

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2021.09.28 02:31 mobile830 System of a Dad - Steal This Children’s Album!! [Music Video] (If System of a Down Did Kids Songs)

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2021.09.28 02:31 kthebeck Live music in St. John's

Thinking about coming to St. John's for week (Oct 10-16) specifically for good tunes in local places. Is it worth now, or should I wait til things get a little better COVID-wise.
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2021.09.28 02:31 lapolladesertora Sigo inactivo

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2021.09.28 02:31 LunchBoxMercenary EK AIO 240 question

Hi all - just finished my FormD T1 build. What a pain to build in.
Anyway, does anyone use the x570i Aorus board with the EK 240 AIO D-RGB? Im just wondering where to plug the rgb cables. I tried both "LED" ports, but EK Connect still wont let me change any of the rgb settings.
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2021.09.28 02:31 heelturnsheadlocks Do you think we will ever see Katsuyori Shibata as a full-time wrestler again? If so, who is your dream opponent for The Wrestler?

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2021.09.28 02:31 fuckingzazzed sir tetranadon bogsworth II moved into his brand new renovated house today :3

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2021.09.28 02:31 GodLightLux TheDeathNote

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2021.09.28 02:31 willman249 Carriers what are the weirdest/funniest/most annoying complaints you’ve gotten from customers?

For me
Weirdest and funniest - the guy who complained about me putting his package in view of his front door instead of the mailbox (even though it wouldn’t fit) because he claims his son is always stealing his packages
Most annoying - the woman who called and reported me because I accidentally left a mailbox open across the street from her house
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2021.09.28 02:31 turbodreews PixelBricks PB6L by FantaLED

Hello there dear people,
Yesteday night we worked with the PixelBrick PB6L by FantaLED. We tried to fix the settings of panel and by doing it we blew up the complete systemsettings. The whole system is running on LEDVISION and we have no clue how to fix it now. Our problem is that we don't have a manual for the PB6L set and google just gives us 3 searchresults (two of them are "shop" links the 3rd is a cryptic txt file).
Of course we didn't save the working setup as backup. It seems like no one on the internet is working with this set, so i thought i could ask reddit for help.
My question is now, if someone has the same set and knows how to work with it properly or even have some working LEDVISON presets that could help out.
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2021.09.28 02:31 Blaine_Lux It's my 1st cake day!

The last year is has been a crazy year of self discovery. I started crossdressing, then came around to being gender fluid and now I've realized I'm a trans woman!
It's thanks to communities like this one that I felt comfortable exploring myself. I've even used this profile to share my experience with my friends I've come out to. It's a really nice history of my personal exploration and I hope it continues to be.
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2021.09.28 02:31 Chief_Beef234 Reviewing Every Episode of Amphibia Before Season 3 (Part 1) Season 1, Episodes 17-20 (SEASON FINALE!)

Episode 17A: Cursed!
This episode is really fun. It’s centered around Maddie, who is a great side character and really entertaining. I also love Anne and Sprig’s cursed forms, and that final scene with Anne is great. I also really like how this episode focuses on the dark arts of Amphibia. It‘s something that doesn’t really get touched on that much. My one complaint is that the message felt very forced and on the nose. Some other episodes will have messages and morals that are somewhat unstubtle, but the way the message is conveyed in this episode is especially bad, with really forced lines of dialogue from characters like Maddie and Barry, like “Appearances aren’t everything, Sprig!”, and “I may look nice on the outside, but I’m petty and vengeful on the inside.” The moral is literally just told to the audience by the characters in the most unsubtle way possible.
But overall, it doesn’t detract from the episode too much, I still had a very fun time with it.
Episode 17B: Fiddle Me This
This episode is kind of mediocre. It uses a cliche plot that has been done a million times before. Hop Pop’s actions feel very forced and out of character. I do really like that final scene where Hop Pop tells Sprig how worried he is about his future, only for Sprig to say “I’m happy with my life the way it is.“ It was a really touching moment and I think this episode could have worked if they still had it revolve around Hop Pop worrying for Sprig’s future, but just didn’t use the dumb talent show cliche. Sprig’s performance is really cool, but it’s just such an overused trope and like I said, Hop Pop’s actions are really forced and not very believable. Overall, this episode has some redeeming qualities, but it’s not very good and definitely one of my least favorites in the series.
Episode 18A: The Big Bugball Game
Normally, I’m not really a big fan of sports episodes (or anything sports related for that matter), but this one was surprisingly enjoyable. The message about teamwork is sort of cliche, but it’s executed well and I like Anne’s arc in this episode. Also, it has Chuck and Frog Jordan, which automatically renders it a masterpiece!
Episode 18B: Combat Camp
In my previous review, I said that Wally and Anne was my favorite episode in season 1 besides Reunion. Well, after rewatching this episode, I‘ve changed my mind. Combat Camp SLAPS. This is one of the very few episodes in season 1 where we get to see action, and the fight scene on the train is really fun to watch. I love the twist that Tretonio (definitely spelled that wrong) was tricking them into robbing a train, I genuinely was not expecting it the first time I watched it. I also really liked Anne’s arc this episode. In episodes in the beginning of the season like Best Fronds and Anne Theft Auto, she didn’t really respect authority that much, which was part of her arc, so her learning to be more appreciative of her teachers in the episode is fits her overall arc very well.
Episode 19A: Children of the Spore
I really like how in this episode, Hop Pop seems to view Anne as one of his own kids. In the beginning of the season, in episodes like Cane Crazy and Stakeout, he really only seemed to view her as a guest, but this episode shows us that he basically just treats her like one of his kids now. However, I don’t really like the way Anne is characterized in this episode. The literal previous episode revolved around her learning to respect her authority figures (specifically her teachers) more. We go from that, to this episode where she could not care less about what Hop Pop tells her. Sprig and Polly, I can understand, but this kind of goes against Anne’s development in the previous episode. I still really enjoyed this episode, though. The mind controlling mushroom was really neat.
Episode 19B: Anne of the Year
This episode serves as the culmination off Anne’s character growth in season 1. I really liked the way this episode, and Reunion, cap off her arc. After screwing up so bad, Anne has a moment where she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be Frog of the Year, and she asks the town why they even voted for her, which is when we get this amazing line from Hop Pop. “Anne, we didn’t vote for you because you’re flawless, far from it. We voted for you because of how far you’ve come. You’ve grown so much in your time here, and this town just wouldn‘t be the same without you.” In the beginning of season 1, Anne was selfish, irresponsible, and borderline manipulative at points. But throughout season 1 she grew a lot, and this episode does an amazing job showcasing that.
Episode 20: Reunion
This is not only the best episode in Amphibia, it’s one of the best season finales of any show I’ve seen! The episode starts off with a flashback of the day Anne got sent to Amphibia. I love how in just 3 minutes, the episode is able to tell us almost everything we need to know about Anne and Sasha‘s relationship. We see that Sasha defends Anne when she needs it, but she is also extremely manipulative and controlling. There‘s a montage of all the things they did together that day, and in it, there are multiple moments where Anne is visibly uncomfortable with what they were doing. We can see that Anne clearly has a problem with it, but is too scared to confront Sasha about it. This flashback takes so many things like Anne’s broken view of what friendship is in Best Fronds, and Sasha‘s manipulative tactics in Prison Break, and recontextualizes them. You know how in a lot of early season 1 episodes like Best Fronds and Anne Theft Auto, Anne was rebellious and didn’t seem to respect authority? And remember how in Best Fronds, she was manipulative towards Sprig? Well she most likely picked up a lot of these negative traits from being around Sasha. I love the way season 1 gives us little hints and pieces of foreshadowing, and then pays it off amazingly in the end. Season 2 does a similar thing with Marcy.
Just like in Prison Break, Grime is an absolute joy and Troy Baker does a great job with his voice. I really like everything involving Hop Pop and the frog rebellion, and how we get more insight into the power dynamic between frogs and toads that was established in Toad Tax. Then you of course, have everything involving Anne and Sasha. While Anne has gotten a lot of time to connect with the frogs of Wartwood, and has come to view them as people, Sasha really hasn’t gotten to form any strong relationships like Anne has, and she mostly just views them as creatures. I love how her lines of dialogue throughout the episode indicate this.
”Anne, what are you doing? Are you really gonna risk your life for these talking frogs?”
“They’re just slimy little frogs, Anne! They don’t matter!”
I love the way we get insight into the way Sasha manipulates people to get what she wants. In the initial flashback scene, Sasha tries to nicely convince Anne to ditch her parents and meet up with Marcy. Then, when Anne still refuses, she becomes much more assertive and resorts to straight up ordering Anne to do what she says. On Toad Tower, she tries to manipulate Anne into joining her, saying in a soft tone “Don’t you want to get home? See your family?” Then, when Anne is still hesitant, she becomes much more assertive. When Sasha is trying to manipulate someone, she’ll first try to do it in a much more ”nice” way, and when that doesn’t work, her more toxic, controlling side kicks in. The power dynamic between Anne and Sasha is so interesting and well crafted, and it‘s done in such a natural way.
The climax of the episode is genuinely amazing, and rivals the climax of True Colors in my opinion. While Anne of the Year serves as the culmination of Anne’s growth in season 1, Reunion serves as the culmination of of Anne and Sprig‘s friendship. When it looks like Anne is going to submit to Sasha, Sprig stands up for her, saying “You know, for someone who claims to be Anne‘s best friend, you sure don’t know her very well! She’s brave, she‘s smart, and most of all, she’s not gonna be pushed around by a bully like you!” Sasha tries to attack Sprig, only for Anne to step in and save him. For the first time in her life, Anne just stood up to Sasha. The fight scene between them amazing. It’s climatic, engaging, and emotionally charged, and Anne’s victory in the end feels triumphant. What follows is hands down my favorite moment in this entire show. Wally’s boom shrooms go off and the entire tower suddenly starts falling apart. The song “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers starts to fade in. Anne grabs Sasha, who’s hand is the only thing stopping her from falling to her death. Then we get this line.
”Hey Anne, maybe you’re better off without me.” This moment gives me chills every time I watch it. The music is so powerful, it just adds to the moment so much. I don’t think this scene would be as good if it was accompanied by normal music. Lean On Me just fits so well, even the lyrics of the song fit the scene. Then you have the fact that Sasha actually lets herself fall. She had no way to know Grime would save her. This scene shows us that even though Sasha is manipulative and controlling, and generally just not a great person, she genuinely cares about Anne, to the point where she was okay with letting herself fall to her death if it meant Anne was going to live.
Then we get the final scene of the episode, where Anne and the Plantars are sitting in Wartwood. Hop Pop says to Anne “I know that was hard for you, Anne. But thank you, for everything.” To which Anne replies “Hop Pop, you guys are my family. I would never let anything bad happen to you.” After all the time we’ve spent with Anne and the Plantars this season, hearing Anne say this is so satisfying and impactful. I know a lot of people say season 1 is 90% filler, but if the show hadn’t spent so much time letting us get to know Anne and the Plantars, and developing the familial bond between them, I honestly don’t think this moment would be nearly as good. Overall, this episode is downright amazing. So many things that were set up throughout season 1 are payed off, I love the way it explores Anne and Sasha‘s complex relationship, and the climax is phenomenal. This is by far my favorite episode in the series, and yes, that includes True Colors.
Well, there you have it, my review of season 1, episodes 17-20! This batch of epidoes was great, it contains some of the best content season 1 has to offer. Fiddle Me This kind of sucks, but all the other episodes are great. I loved all of the Anne focused episodes, and Reunion is genuinely amazing for reasons I already elaborated on.
My Overall Thoughts on Season 1
These reviews have been really fun for me to make! Season 1 is even better than I remembered, and I think it gets overshadowed quite a bit by season 2. That season definitely blows season 1 out of the water in a lot of areas. It has an incredibly engaging plot, it has Marcy, it has cooler world building, it has Marcy, it does a great exploring the complicated relationships of the girls, it has amazing emotional moments, and oh yeah, did I mention it has Marcy?
But I personally think season 1 is great, too, and excels in a lot of areas. The familial bond between Anne and the Plantars is built up in a very believable way. By the end of the season, you can really buy how much the Plantars have grown to care about Anne, and vice versa. I also love Anne’s character development. She starts off selfish, irresponsible, rebellious, and sometimes even manipulative, but she has a good heart and genuinely cares about others, and throughout the course of the season, she grows so much. Her growth is executed very well and so satisfying to watch. Anne and Sasha‘s relationship is another thing I love about this season. It’s only focused on a lot in one episode, but what we do get is amazing.
Season 1 is not perfect by any means. Not all of the episodes are winners, there are multiple inconsistencies and continuity errors, and the formula can feel a bit repetative at times. These are all things that I highlighted in my previous reviews. But even with its flaws, I still love season 1 to bits. Tomorrow, I’ll be covering season 2, episodes 1-4.
See you then!
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2021.09.28 02:31 yura2004_ [S2FM] Civil Protection

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2021.09.28 02:31 alle15minuten Gerade ist es September 28, 2021 at 02:31AM

Gerade ist es September 28, 2021 at 02:31AM
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2021.09.28 02:31 No-Fan299 service dog

i am doing some research regarding possibly adding a service dog to my life, and i wanted to ask those with a service dog about their experience. if you could, drop some advice! i’m having trouble getting started.
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2021.09.28 02:31 ShungiteBot Second FED President Steps Down Following Embarassing Revelations of Insider Trading: Didnt Some of them Call Crypto the "Fraud"?

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2021.09.28 02:31 errorcode_guitar OP10

Would anyone mind helping me out get my last op lvl for my zero I'm struggling a bit. I play on ps4 errorcode_guitar
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2021.09.28 02:31 ArkhamNoah Favorite Cactus Jack Records artist?

Favorite Cactus Jack Records artist (not including Travis Scott).
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2021.09.28 02:31 cs09viking99 please help ... middle of a flareup

UC for 20 yrs got a painful rectum abscess few weeks back. was given tons of antibiotics which kickstarted a flareup.
im doing about 8 bowel movements a day with bloody diarrhea. lost about 20 lbs so far. starting remicade in 2 weeks.
i feel exhausted, beat up. could this be from too much blood loss? or just generally feeling like UC crap. those that got a blood infusion due to UC, how many BMs were u. having?
any advice?
thx everyone!
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