Community Poll: Recruitment posts - Yes/No/Maybe

Our Culture. AGP employs more than 1,100 people at 20+ locations across the United States.. At AGP, it’s our people who set us apart. We promote personal and professional success for all of our employees and our commitment to our employees is evidenced by a strong history of promoting from within. We would like to welcome Pete and Harry as an official Affiliate Vendor. Pete and Harry, co-founded by Erik (EFV) one of our long time members and friends, offers a wide variety of products, clothes, watches and accessories, antique, vintage, “pre-loved” and new - all at unparalleled prices. On the worksheet where you applied the drop-down list, select a cell that has the drop-down list. Go to Data > Data Validation.. On the Settings tab, click in the Source box, and then change your list items as needed. Each item should be separated by a comma, with no spaces in between like this: Yes,No,Maybe. To update all cells that have the same drop-down list applied, check the Apply these ... You mentally contact a demigod, the spirit of a long-dead sage, or some other mysterious entity from another plane. Contacting this extraplanar intelligence can strain or even break your mind. When you cast this spell, make a DC 15 Intelligence saving throw. On a failure, you take 6d6 psychic damage and are insane until you finish a long rest

2021.09.28 04:22 Sure_Ill_Ask_That Community Poll: Recruitment posts - Yes/No/Maybe

Dear structuralengineering community!
First, thanks for making this subreddit the great community that it is!
In response to the number of user reports on certain types of posts, I'd like to conduct a simple poll: Do users want to allow recruitment/job posts?
View Poll
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2021.09.28 04:22 Mazcade I took my dad's 40 year old film camera to PWG Threemendous VI and got this photo

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2021.09.28 04:22 vonpoopenshtein Is this a real picture?? I’m so confused 😵‍💫

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2021.09.28 04:22 SmityWJagermanJensen A question about the limits of marriages

So the church teaches that if you have been divorced thrice, you can’t get married again. But what about if you remarried one of those three? Or if one of the marriages happened when they were drunk/unconscious?
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2021.09.28 04:22 Captain-Accomplished No shit sherlock

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2021.09.28 04:22 dukeofgustavus Straight Up

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2021.09.28 04:22 A-Stackhouse I used to work for wildlife institutions and a colleague revealed to me that him and his father who worked for the forest service had encountered one of these Sasquatch creatures. I wrote this book speculating on the evolutionary possibility and explained why the institutions don't take it seriously

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2021.09.28 04:22 Ra_Tata Any recommendation of ADHD clinic/treatment in Osaka or Kansai area?

Hello I just graduated from high school and moved to Japan one year ago. I came from dysfunctional family and started to live alone. Living alone is so difficult for me and I cannot focus on anything ... It is hard to describe it but my life is completely a mess. I knew about ADHD about three years ago and I have suspecting that I have it ever since. I cannot even do something small task and I always interrupt people on conversation, my room is a mess everytime, etc (some common ADHD symptoms)
Since I came to live alone I saved up money to properly get treatment but I don't know where to get proper treatment. Do you guys have recommendation? I will really appreciate it. Thank you
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2021.09.28 04:22 Queer-Paradox Out of all the things in this world, you choose to gender UNISEX names?!

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2021.09.28 04:22 lightiggy F in the Chat for Burghley

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2021.09.28 04:22 XYoshiaipomX Indomitable spirit

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2021.09.28 04:22 scorelink There Is Another

Raines has a twin brother who is so lazy, he was born almost 4-1/2 years later.
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2021.09.28 04:22 ItsOngoGablogian Replacing Ceiling Flush Mount Lighting With an IKEA Tradfri Compatible Light

I'm in an apartment that has flush mount lighting on the ceiling:
This light is called a Satco S29331:
I'd like to replace this with some type of light in the IKEA / Tradfri ecosystem.
What's the best way to do that?
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2021.09.28 04:22 IMMADUCK-NARS I’m a deeply ashamed bunny

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2021.09.28 04:22 mkdir_not_war With how many of the community say Illrigger feels like a class from 5.5e, I hope some of the people who have worked with and for MCDM are working on the "evolution" of 5e announced today

Front-load the cool stuff!
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2021.09.28 04:22 YvngTortellini Message for every kid getting their first jobs

You don’t have to follow the advice I’m about to give you, but you really should. Also read the whole thing, I promise it’s worth it, I really wish someone told me this.
If you’re a student looking for your first job and you are part of the majority of kids who just apply to random retail/fast food places, listen up.
DO NOT give your first applications to big hardware and warehouse stores like Home Depot, Walmart, Canadian Tire(for you Canadians out there) Home Hardware, etc… with the exception of Costco even though I doubt any of you will be able to get in there.
Stores like that are not worth it. You might think it’ll give you better experience, but it won’t. You might think it’ll look better on a resume and employers might look at you more, but they won’t. There is absolutely no positive to working at massive stores like these that sell gigantic fuckin items for the SAME WAGE you would be getting for folding shirts at a clothing store.
Apply at small stores that sell light items. Clothing stores are prime examples. If you get a job at one of these big stores, one of two things will happen; you will realize it’s too much work for not enough pay and start to slow down, and that will create bad working habits, which aren’t good for future jobs. Or, you will keep working your ass off for the same amount of money you could’ve been getting stocking tomatoes at a grocery store, therefor leaving you exploited and burnt out.
This post isn’t here to say, don’t work hard because you don’t make a lot of money, just know the value of your work. Keep working hard at these smaller stores to create good work habits for future jobs that pay adequate wages. But never settle at these big stores.
I probably got the best case scenario for a job like this. I work at a Canadian Tire, my managers and coworkers are all lovely people, but it’s so god damn depressing to see my pay cheques each bi-week and despite how hard i work, I get a laughable amount of money, that I could be getting for half the work at a footlocker. It’s pathetic, please don’t waste your time looking for a job at a big hardware store.
Worst case scenario, if you can’t find a job anywhere else and you need the money and experience, take the job but don’t stop applying to other places.
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2021.09.28 04:22 No-Advertising-5569 This is a huge revolution

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2021.09.28 04:22 AsLuckyAsKrillin Anyone have any Shadowbringers Static Drama stories?

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2021.09.28 04:22 jasonb10 funny memes

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2021.09.28 04:22 luxlenore Any sort of audio for temporary mouse fix?

I've had an issue with mice in my room for the past few days. At first, I heard them in the walls, but now they're definitely not in the walls. I can't deal with the problem just yet, because we're having trouble figuring out how they got in my room, things need to be cleaned up, and we can't get traps yet... it's late at night and I don't feel like going into explicit detail on why we can't deal with the issue right away, I'm in a bad mood. Trust me, if I could deal with them properly right now, I would.
I was wondering, for the time being, is there any sort of audio I could play to just get them to leave me alone for even a few frickin hours? Something of mice screaming in pain? Anything? I can't express in words how creepy it is to hear them in here.
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2021.09.28 04:22 L-a-b-3 When to Apply Advice

So, I applied last year. It was a bloodbath. 170, 3.8low. Tier 3 softs. Masters degree. A good bit of WE, nURM etc.
Well, originally I wasn’t going to apply this year. Then I decided to apply ED to one school. My dream. Below both medians. Just a hundred bucks and maybe an outside shot. If not, be ready and apply first thing next year.
Recently, I became eligible for accommodations, extra LSAT time. I’m still not ready to take November and the deadline is in two days anyway. I’m not prepared to take it so soon. So my question is this:
Should I prepare to take the LSAT in January and apply with a higher score? Or shoot I shoot my shot early and do what I planned with ED? Of course, I can’t guarantee I’d get a higher score in January. But with extra time I’m almost certain of it? I also know conventional wisdom is better score > earlier application. But with Feb LSAT release it would be super late.
Any thoughts?
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2021.09.28 04:22 AggressiveWest6232 Well yes but actually no

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2021.09.28 04:22 Minimum_apathy Mom with Crohn’s and dementia just had a colostomy and I’m worried

My mom (76) likely has vascular dementia (undiagnosed, but sudden decline following a series of mini-strokes). Right around the time of cognitive decline, her Crohn’s stopped responding to treatment. Things went downhill fast with the perfect storm of not being able to make it to the bathroom on a good day and cognitively not realizing or responding to the need at all.
She essentially sat in her own waste for an entire week (in my dad’s care) before I found out and intervened. She developed a UTI which made everything worse. She had bed sores also which were just raw from sitting in her poop, as you can imagine. So I got her admitted and from what I understand, they gave her the colostomy to allow her skin to heal and to prevent infection.
She’s three days out from her procedure and she is refusing to walk at all, and she hasn’t been eating. My father is under the impression that the colostomy is temporary, but I just don’t see her being healthy enough for a reversal at this point. I especially think so because her Crohn’s was already out of control.
My worry is that she certainly can’t take care of this herself and my dad is t the healthiest, but he’s willing to learn how to care for her. As I understand it, the bag needs to be emptied up to 7 times a day? And bag changes 2x a week? He only has home health coming in twice a week.
I’m really hoping this adds to her quality of life, but I’m just not sure what to expect. So far she has not attempted to mess with it, but she’s been known to rip her IV’s out, so I wonder if it’s only a matter of time.
Thanks for reading this far. I’m a newbie, and would appreciate any tips. I only live 15 min away and plan to help as much as possible, but I have four children and I work weekends, so it’s difficult.
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2021.09.28 04:22 ksyfullah07 Pixel 6 will have the macro shooting or cinematic shooting?

I am a Pixel 3XL user and planning to upgrade to first tensor phone.
Recently released iPhone13 has macro mode and cinematic shooting option. Will our pixel 6/6 pro have this? Any idea?
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2021.09.28 04:22 aleokumura Greeeeeen

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