21 [M4F] #US South/online - looking to meet someone conscientious

2021.09.28 02:46 XMoribund 21 [M4F] #US South/online - looking to meet someone conscientious

Here is my basic info. White, 6'3, skinnyfit, conventionally attractive. Computer science student doing well in his studies. I am somewhere between a nerd and a poet deep down. I don't drink, don't smoke, no tats. I love the beach and simple pleasures like sketching, writing, and working out. I am fairly religious, Christian.
My plan is to graduate and work remote if I can, so travel and freedom are big for me. I'm very frugal and with any luck I'll be retired before 35. Are you catching the theme here? I pretty much know what I want out of life. Nobody is perfect of course, but I figure it's a breath of fresh air to hear something other than all the doomerism for once. Happy times can always be ahead. I believe that.
I just moved to a new city so its hard to meet people. Hoping to find something that can become long-term. I thought I'd give this a try, even though my expectations are low. If the above sounds good to you and you are a single female aged 18-22 who embodies a similar degree of concientiousness in her life, then you know what to do.
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2021.09.28 02:46 Bongaloid75 Can we please get permanent offline content?

There's absolutely nothing to do other than H2H. Some weeks I can tolerate WL and do like ToW house rules, but sometimes I don't want my blood boiling.
Solo battles is less than 2 games a day and is pointless if you cant log in the first two days of the week.
Solo Draft is pretty much as rewarding for MUT as franchise mode.
I understand H2H players want moment solos for promo content, but it has left offline players bored to death. No Team Diamond Solos was killer.
Just give us an offline equivalent of Seasons with lesser rewards. Keep the moment solos for promos, but please give us something less sweaty to do in between.
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2021.09.28 02:46 Bustani_babe Makima Cosplay by SarahB

Hi! My name is Sarah, and i made a Makima cosplay. Wanted to do it since a while now, what do you guys think?
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2021.09.28 02:46 Deep-Cryptographer98 More chopper gag

Not him being flattered but him being bad at hiding. I think it’s still one of the funniest moments.
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2021.09.28 02:46 Ampersanders PC H: 700 mixed flux W: 100 .45 per flux

Just this, thanks!
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2021.09.28 02:46 cmmoore307 This current season.

Is it already over or is it a break?
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2021.09.28 02:46 Adventurous_Tale2485 13 weeks my heartbeat was irregular

I’m 13 weeks tomorrow and went into my check up today and my dr said my heartbeat sounded irregular. No murmur. I definitely have some anxiety when I go in for appointments we had a missed miscarriage with our first pregnancy. My Mom said she experienced irregular heartbeat as well but my brothers and I are healthy. I have been having some dizziness at work sometimes I’m a hairdresser. Babies heartbeat was perfect at 160. Just looking to see if any of you had similar situations. Going to set up a appointment to get it checked out. Any advice would be appreciated!
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2021.09.28 02:46 Snowingontherunner78 Any good ones?

My 11 year old son wants a dirt bike but i dont know what to get him! Does anyone know anything under $700? Ty
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2021.09.28 02:46 eternalchampion11 WE ARE LIVE!!!!

Now streaming
Red Circle : https://redcircle.com/shows/lion-city-rock
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/show/6t2JgbXuyC1HXkTcjFVi33
Apple Podcasts : https://podcasts.apple.com/sg/podcast/lion-city-rock/id1586755932
Amazon : https://music.amazon.co.uk/podcasts/b1345706-2744-49b9-a341-2b97bbd7893f/lion-city-rock
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2021.09.28 02:46 flamepants Metroid Dread and the new Nintendo OLED Switch are made for each other

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2021.09.28 02:46 ginger_bier Bill to end federal marijuana ban to be drafted by House committee Wednesday

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2021.09.28 02:46 Mike_G-P Fairy Creek Protests and Indigenous Rights to Harvest the Old Growth Forest.

As much as I hate to see the old growth forest logged, It's Pacheedaht First Nation’s Land and Territory to do what they want with. The Pacheedaht First Nation’s have been here for 1000's of years and have seen the oldest of the trees come and go. I for one accept their decision and will not stand in their way , more over I support them and any Indigenous Peoples decisions to do what they will on their own land and territories.

QUOTE, from The Pacheedaht First Nation’s elected leadership,
The Pacheedaht First Nation’s elected leadership — and Frank Queesto Jones, the Hereditary Chief recognized by the Nation — have asked, several times, for the protesters to leave, saying the nation does not welcome or support unsolicited involvement or interference by others. On June 28, as a heat dome settled over the Pacific Northwest and temperatures near Fairy Creek soared to 40 degrees Celsius, the Nation again called on protesters to leave, citing the increased risk of human-caused wildfire that could threaten the Pacheedaht First Nation community. The neighbouring Ditidaht and Huu-ay-aht First Nations which, together with the Pacheedaht, form the most southern branch of the Nuu-chah-nulth people, support the Pacheedaht. They, too, have requested that anyone interfering with legally authorized forestry operations leave their territories.
“For years we’ve been subject to colonial policy,” Huu-ay-aht Chief Robert Dennis tells The Narwhal. “Some outside force — mainly the federal government — comes onto our land and says ‘we’re going to take care of you and we’re going to do things better than you’ve been doing.’ ”
“Now I’m seeing some outside force saying, ‘oh you know what, we want to halt old-growth logging. And when we do that we want to halt the First Nations’ rights to harvest cedar for cultural purposes … we want to infringe on their Treaty Rights … I’m seeing systemic racism continuing. ‘You Indians don’t have the ability to carry yourselves, so we’re going to fight for you and we’re going to protect the old- growth whether you like it or not.’ That’s what they’re doing, that’s what they’re saying.”
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2021.09.28 02:46 tyquent I had this business idea and I need your opinions- good or nah?

Hey everyone!
I had an idea recently for a witchcraft-adjacent business that's been gaining a little traction, but most people have just been ghosting me, so I wanted to get your opinion on whether it was good or just some useless thought.
I wanted to start out as a freelance witchy book coach/editor. I'd basically be helping my fellow witches with their book ideas in the hopes of making them the best they can be. I have experience in Creative Writing (studied it in college), have been a professional freelance editor for a year now, and discovered my passion for witchcraft 6 years ago... I thought this would be an amazing way to combine everything I'm good at and love, but I want your opinion.
So: good idea or nah?
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2021.09.28 02:46 heinaga1989 🔥 BabyElon Token 🔥 Fair launch in 10 minutes! 💎 2500$ starting liquidity! 💎 Locked liquidity for 9 months! 💎 New token with huge potential! 💎 Low Market Cap 💎 Voice chat! 🔥

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2021.09.28 02:46 by_dreu Send help! I shot kodak 3200 at iso 200 on accident.

How should i get it developed so it’s not completely unusable ?
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2021.09.28 02:46 Warpspeednyancat you can hear the music while reading the captions ( and sing along ) bonus points if you can do it in japanese !

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2021.09.28 02:46 StockAd5469 My experience

I’ve been practicing this for a just under a year now and finally I’ve learnt how to hold my seed and man who knew how much more just holding on would improve how quality of life even if you’re not doing the most you can just be chilling at home doing little things around the house and be happy I’m less lethargic getting up for work I have less negative thoughts I’m putting out positive thoughts naturally finding out what I want to be put my energy towards there are a lot of distractions once we reach this state which I’m still figuring out I’m on my 2nd week and I’m just going to let life guide me for now I thought I’d share my experience for anyone struggling out there I’m on my 2nd or 3rd week I think I try not to keep track of it but yeah 😌
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2021.09.28 02:46 Morty_Goldman Boa Constrictor giving birth

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2021.09.28 02:46 ElectrikAvenue1 👑Baby Doge Boss💼 fairlaunched & Mooning!🌙 we are performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi & NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, we will soon be the #1 Community Coin. Lets make it rain!

👑Baby Doge Boss💼 fairlaunched & Mooning!🌙 we are performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi & NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, we will soon be the #1 Community Coin. Join the Takeover! Lets Go Bosses!
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2021.09.28 02:46 drexplovecraft Guys I think I found

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2021.09.28 02:46 flyingr268 22[M4F] North Carolina (insert clever title here)

Heyo. It's awkward writing about yourself and putting yourself out there but here I am doing it. I'm 22 year old guy from North Carolina (would prefer you be relatively close by in case we actually want to meet.) I know physical attraction is a pretty big thing and I'm down to swap pics when we're both comfortable, but just some basic stuff: I'm 5'10", Caucasian, about 175 lbs with brown hair and blue-green eyes.
Personality wise I'm very shy at first so I might struggle to start conversations until I get more comfortable. I'm a pretty big computer nerd with a love for video games. I'm not super into a lot of movies or music but I can be convinced to try things out. For those of you that care about Myer's Briggs personality tests I'm ISTJ. Pretty big emphasis on the I. Just because I'm introverted doesn't mean I don't like to socialize it's just that I can only take it in smaller bursts.
As for hobbies like I said earlier I tend to like video games. I tend to watch a lot of YouTube as well, and I'm not ashamed to say that there's a lot of good animes out there. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Rubik's cubes
I don't really have an exact type but there are a couple things I like. I don't see being fat as attractive, I'm not saying I want someone really skinny but curvy is perfectly fine. Height doesn't really matter I prefer shorter than me but it's not a deal breaker. Age isn't a huge deal though I do prefer closer to my age, but if you think we're a good match shoot your shot. All in all I'm looking for something real, someone to be my partner in crime, my best friend, and someone to fall in love with. (I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic)
I'm not sure what else to say, but if you feel like getting to know me better message me.
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2021.09.28 02:46 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 02:46 Delicious_Produce_69 Can someone explain to me what biotin does for your hair?

I’ve heard mixed opinions, I would like to know what you guys think
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2021.09.28 02:46 cardboardcutoutcow Not Too Much To Ask

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