Nexplay Bootcamp Gone Wrong

2021.09.28 03:26 valerieangg Nexplay Bootcamp Gone Wrong

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2021.09.28 03:26 TheMonaldRcDonald Harlequin Duck Hunting

I am trying to get diamond and/or rare harlequins but at my setup I only get a flock of 2-3 every 10-15 minutes. I could find more by walking down the river but they are almost always 200+ meters out which just makes it hard to spot them let alone hit them with the 22. I was wondering if seemingly such small numbers of ducks was normal when using decoys, or if im doing something wrong. My setup is at a feeding zone on the river.
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2021.09.28 03:26 Zerosaber007 Invent Animate - The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was EP (Prog Metalcore at its Finest)
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2021.09.28 03:26 nyello-2000 Hey, I’m writing the world for my first major campaign I’m wanting to run. Ask me anything about my setting, and if I don’t have an answer I’ll make one up
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2021.09.28 03:26 AusCOVID19 Australia Covid live news update: NSW records 863 cases, seven deaths; Victoria 867 cases, four deaths; new Brisbane restrictions after four local Qld cases

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2021.09.28 03:26 The1Real1One Looking for 1.12 survival island with stronghold/mansion, or any other good island seeds

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2021.09.28 03:26 FLEXXNG Healer easier then Meele?

I'm Playing meeles arround 2,4k but actually it's so stressful what do you think about? Healer easier?
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2021.09.28 03:26 SnipFred Endgame

Okay I know everyone is super excited for the new dlc coming but I'm super close to endgame I think and would like any help possible. My ship log is entirely filled except for 2 things, there's still one thing left for me to explore in the sunless city and I also need to learn more about the ash twin project. I've seen the ash twin projection stone all over the place but it confuses the shit out of me LMAO I'll aimlessly wonder about until maybe I find something but any sort of direction would be appreciated:)
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2021.09.28 03:26 ShortAlgo $BKNG Awaiting Short Signal Get a free trial at: #StockMarket #stocks #stockstowatch #Stock

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2021.09.28 03:26 Grumpydad101 Seems to power off before it boots up :/ any ideas?? What could it be. I’ve updated all drivers and ram all test. Not sure if it’s a motherboard short.

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2021.09.28 03:26 lattice12 LPT: Apply ice to bug bites. It helps reduce inflammation and itchiness.

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2021.09.28 03:26 Agro-1 I think I beat the game...

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2021.09.28 03:26 ELChilled Kermit beats miachel myers

Kermit beats miachel myers
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2021.09.28 03:26 Maudeleanor It would seem, then, that all efforts to murder this old cottonwood have been in vain.

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2021.09.28 03:26 In_sa_ni_ty Not-So-Isekied Psionic 15

(Sorry, short one today.)
A tall man sat on his throne. He had broad shoulders, muscular body and very royal posture. Bright blue eyes in deep sockets coldly looked forward. Custom-made armor held symbol of predator teeth and jaws that had crown fixed between them. Round ears bore small platinum jewelry.
"My king, what is your wish?" a slightly hunched shadow appeared in front of him.
"A seer had visited me recently. She brought to me one ominous prophecy."
"What did she said?!"
"When you decide to build your own domain, the bearer of round ears shall dethrone you and take your place. He shall be blessed with powers of mind, soul and magic. A child of another world, but also native to this one."
"We are ready to hunt them down!"
"No, that's not what I want. Your mission is more peaceful."
"Anything for you, my king."
"Find this individual and bring him to me. Alive and unharmed. Am I clear?"
"But... yes, I understand."
"Now go. Lets test how much force prophesies bear in this world."

Nova was bored. A month passed by since his finalization of work with Hellia. Their efforts payed off and had fully functional, complete book of demonology. After that the rest of work was on succubus herself. Also work with Executor Hamm was coming to an end - Bearded Peaks has finally provided him with enough workers and machines to completely replace Nova, Indra and Mith. Work at Adventurers Association was getting rather dull - hunt monsters, survey area, guard some place, stuff like that. There was nothing excited in Crack Point anymore. Psionic even contacted Quasar on the other side and there was nothing special either.
"Nova, is everything okay?" looked down on him worried Indra right above massive breasts, since lad was resting his head on orc girl's muscled thighs. One of her hands was gently patting his hair. "You look so down lately."
"I am bored. Crack Point doesn't provide much lately."
"Coming from you, it says something, Nova." yawned Mith, who was sitting nearby and toying with rubber ball. "How bad is it?"
"Bad enough to make me motionless, lazy and depressed." yes, psionics also experienced those things. Good thing was that they were greatly weakened and weren't as problematic as they are for regular humans. But still, a lazy, depressed psionic is a terrifying thing if not treated.
"I haven't seen you like that since the day we met! We have to find a way to change that!" Indra was just as energetic and ready to help as always. "Coffee? Bath? Or me?"
"None of those right now."
"Then how about another mission?"
"Being there, same stuff."
"Several spars maybe?"
"Already did."
Mith thought for a moment and then said:
"Have you considered traveling again? Crack Point isn't the only place in this world."
"Do you have something in mind?" looked at her Nova upside down.
"We have enough money for several long trips and also skills to earn additional coins. So I propose to start from another border city. Like Dreamstone."
Nova raised an eyebrow. He only slightly heard about this settlement, that just started developing. But Dreamstone has already got a rather nasty reputation thanks to it's location, which was connected to untamed and dangerous lands densely populated with monsters.
"Girls, back off!!!" a sudden change in atmosphere made Nova jump off and push his companions from the middle of the room via telekinesis. A bright flash filled the room with light, almost blinding everyone present. Distinct lack of mind or anything remotely telegraphing what happens next made psionic very alarmed.
But no attack or explosion followed. While Nova, Indra and Mith were ready for a fight, bright light began to fade, allowing to see the source of it.
"A child?" it was a small kid over the age of eight, dressed in a white robe completely filled with symbols of antediluvian language. Long, black hair fell down behind her back, as she was floating midair in an embryo pose. Strange hybrid of magical and divine aura around her was thick and strong.
Then unknown child softly landed onto the wooden floor, finally opening her eyes. They were more violet than blooming aconites. She looked around the room and stopped on Nova himself. Nova knew what was coming, since her innocent thoughts weren't exactly silent:
"DADDY?!" both Indra and Mith looked at their leader with mix of amazement and disbelief, as unknown child ran toward and hugged him by the waist.
"You were and are my first and only, Indra." Nova picked girl up and lifted into the air. She looked at him with childish joy and pure wonder, waving her small hands in attempts to reach him. "What are you, child?"
Mith stood back, completely bewildered. Her sudden change in mood surprised psionic, since very little in this world could faze this grumpy summoner.
"That's... That's... That's a newborn goddess!!!" she screamed, pointing at the kid.
Elf girl wasn't lying, especially not her thoughts.
"What do you mean, Mith?"
"When something without patron appears in this world, a god or goddess gets born into existence to rule over it! It happened many times in older time and such thing is much rarer now, but still! This is the second time I am witnessing such event and there is no doubt about it!"
Nova proceeded to study young goddess, while she was happily dangling her small feet. The question was: Over which domain is she destined to rule? But then sharp eyes glanced over antediluvian writings on her clothing and answer came by itself.
"You have created written magic, Nova, a new side of reality bending power of our world. So, technically, you and Trum are her..."
"... fathers?" finished genuinely interested Indra, who examined little girl with warm loving gaze. "Can we keep her? She is so cute!"
Well, that's an interesting way of lifting boredom, thought Nova.

First, Previous and Next
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2021.09.28 03:26 ShortAlgo $LMT Looks oversold Get a free trial at: #StockMarket #stocks #stockstowatch #Stock

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2021.09.28 03:26 prosecutiongangmt Governor DeMilk

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2021.09.28 03:26 KFC-fried-chicken Help

Please answer asap as I need help with the challenge
How do you complete the step where you need a streetsweeper and also need a foregrip and 4 attachments?
All help will be appreciated
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2021.09.28 03:26 Rising_lion01 My cat evolved and turned into a towel 😂

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2021.09.28 03:26 wintertell Very first bullet journal monthly spread

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2021.09.28 03:26 Techlidbull Quick Tilray update

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2021.09.28 03:26 Rusty_Leg Right click duel options

I have been searching for the last like 30 minutes on how to turn off duel request so others can't spam me with them.
Is there actually a way to turn off receiving duel request or is that not a thing anymore?
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