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2021.09.28 04:22 KGx666 Damn…

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2021.09.28 04:22 Mismatched_TubeSocks Can you dance as well as Steven Seagal?

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2021.09.28 04:22 DatKidNoiZa Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments With The NoiZy CreW

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2021.09.28 04:22 SprinklyBoi I hate my boss!

I need advice. So I work in a field of study that is not too difficult to get into, but a branch of it that I’ve been told is extremely hard to get into with my current experience. I absolutely LOVE the work that I’m doing, when there is any. However, I hate my boss, who I’ll call John. I’ve had 3 jobs in the field, this is my first in this particular branch. The work feels like exactly what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, however my boss is inexperienced, and really terrible at communicating what he wants from me. I have shining recommendation letters and reviews from every past job I’ve worked, as well as all my professors from college. I take pride in my work and triple check EVERYTHING I do. John is NEVER happy with my work. I’ve started verifying exactly what he wants before starting, but by the time I finish, he totally changes his mind without telling me and he gets mad and yells at me in front of everyone for “doing it wrong.” I have anxiety, usually it’s not that bad, and it’s easily managed by meds. But every morning coming into work I have trouble breathing, my heart rate (my typical resting is 60) is between 90 and 110 all day long, and I have a MASSIVE headache, which i usually don’t get, as well as the feeling that I’m going to pass out or throw up. All day long. And magnified when he talks to me at all. I’m looking HARD for another job in this branch with a better boss, because I know this isn’t typical, but because it’s so rare, it’s hard. I’m torn between staying here so it will be easier to stay in this branch, despite my mental health, or quitting and finding a restaurant job and just hoping I can get back into this field. TIA.
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2021.09.28 04:22 SaulKD Two Fed officials announce retirements amid controversy over ethics and stocktrading

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2021.09.28 04:22 Sithranger Has anyone gotten a red light ticket in Balcones Heights?

So I got one, the picture doesn't prove anything other than where I turned. From everything I have read online paying it is actually optional and there's is nothing they can do about me not paying it. Its civil not criminal. Even if its turned over to "collections" as it is a traffic fine it cannot be reported to a credit agency. Am I missing something or can I just ignore it?
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2021.09.28 04:22 FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo [Raw Spoilers] A message for Bobby Lashley

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2021.09.28 04:22 Peekaboaa Anyone works at Accenture as functional consultant

May I know how did you land your role and how is the work like? Do you think it is extremely stressful?
What is your background?
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2021.09.28 04:22 popcornboiii Why Posting Reaction Videos To Right Wing YouTuber Content Is A Good Thing To Do

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2021.09.28 04:22 stormkitty03 Love the way she looks :)

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2021.09.28 04:22 dreamwithtangerine My g forgot to tell me the name, but anyways, looking good and does it’s job. half Oz

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2021.09.28 04:22 tspaldz Akron Half Marathon - Race Report

### Race Information
* **Name:** Akron Half Marathon
* **Date:** September 25, 2021
* **Distance:** 13.1 miles
* **Location:** Akron, OH
* **Website:** https://www.akronmarathon.org/race-series/akron-marathon/
* **Strava:** https://www.strava.com/activities/6016355568
* **Time:** 1:10:19

### Goals
| Goal | Description | Completed? |
| A | PR | *Yes* |
| B | Sub 1:11 | *Yes* |
| C | Sub 1:10 | *No* |

### Splits
| Mile | Time |
| 1 | 5:19
| 2 | 5:19
| 3 | 5:17
| 4 | 5:21
| 5 | 5:21
| 6 | 5:25
| 7 | 5:19
| 8 | 5:22
| 9 | 4:59
| 10 | 5:18
| 11 | 5:13
| 12 | 5:13
| 13 | 5:24
| .1 | 1:24

### Training
In April, I ran an absolute dud of a marathon. Aiming for a sub 2:29, I was forced to DNF after my quads shut down around mile 18. This had me seriously examining my training as I was committed to finding places to improve and excel to reach my goal.
I started my first Pfitz plan (modified, of course) back in June and maxed it out at 85 mpw which I hit 3 times. The four main elements to this training plan that differed from my previous build ups were 1) weekly tempo, 2) mid week medium long run, 3) sustained MP long runs, and 4) yes, running too slowly WILL hurt you.
I had previous been doing multiple workouts per week, but for this training block, I focused on only tempo work (and mixed in the VO2 max work when instructed). The mid week medium long run has probably been the biggest game changer as I noticed those gains almost immediately. I had also previously done MP long runs, but not many long sustained MP long runs. For this block, I did long runs with 8, 12, 12, and 13 miles at MP. And I stopped treating every non-workout day as a recovery day. Yes, you CAN run too slowly!
My last four weeks before the week leading up to this race were my toughest. MPW was 85, 75, 85 and another 85 with two MP long runs and a 24 miler on a very hot and humid morning where I ran the second half just a few seconds slower than MP. I have been feeling very fit and healthy, and I was really looking forward to testing myself in this race.

### Pre-race
Got to bed as early as I could the night before, which wasn't easy since I was at my own rehearsal dinner for most of the evening. I had 1 beer and drank as much water as I could which worked fairly well, though I was still minorly dehydrated when I got home. I drank some water before bed, set my alarm for 3:45 and laid awake for longer than usual before finally falling asleep. At 3:45 I woke up and ate my breakfast, 1 Thomas blueberry bagel, and then went back to bed. I have learned that I tend to digest a bit slowly and I needed to find a work around to get the calories I need on race morning without causing stomach cramps. This was my second attempt at the bed bagel and it worked very well! I got back to sleep for another 50 or so minutes before waking up for good. I prepared 1 caffeine Nuun, and took two poops before driving down for the race. I made it to my parking spot, .3 miles from the starting line in 38 minutes, 1 hour before gun time. I ran a 1 mile warmup, changed shoes, and then did some strides at the start line. I was lined up for good about 7 minutes before gun time.

### Race
I got out a little quicker than I wanted in 5:19. I figured 5:22 would be the opening mile but I was pretty close. The lead group made up of a few half runners and a few marathon relay runners got out in front of me, and I settled in a safe distance behind. I was committed to running my race. My next two miles were nearly identical, but my watch was already about .07 miles behind the marker by the time I hit 3 miles. The next section, up to mile 8, contained a lot of up and down hills. I had studied the elevation chart and made a conservative plan to attack this portion of the race. I ended up running by feel after I noticed my splits were clocking in faster than I hade originally anticipated. I think I executed this portion of the race very well. The whole time, I had 3 guys in my sight that I slowly worked back into contact with. I hit the highest elevation point at the 8 mile marker and worked a 4:59 downhill mile for mile 9. This really boosted my confidence and I abandoned all pacing strategy at this point, just running by feel and trying to hang on. I slowed up a bit in the final miles to adjust for the rolling hills and passed 3 guys total in the race. The last mile was downhill for the first half, then uphill for the rest. I hit the uphill like a brick wall after starting the first half of the mile in 4:55 pace. I pushed through as best I could, but knew I wasn't going to hit my sub 70 goal. But I couldn't help but smile seeing my fiance in the finish corral as I hauled it in for 2:30 PR.

### Post-race
I grabbed a couple water bottles from the finish shoot, climbed out of it the wrong way, and waited for one of my groomsman to finish his race. He clocked in at just over 1:19, about 2 minutes faster than he was expecting. I ushered him and our other friend back to the car so we could get a quick cooldown in. The cooldown was 1 mile because we had to hit the road back to Cleveland. My goal was to nap until about noon but I had too much adrenaline pumping to fall asleep. At 12:30, the rest of my groomsman came over to my house and we headed off to the wedding a couple hours later. It went exceptionally well and I somehow managed to cut up a rug all night after waking up at 4:45 and running a 70:19 half. In conclusion, my wife is way too supportive of me in allowing me to race on our wedding day, but the race and wedding both went way better than either of us could've possibly imagined and I did not let her down.

My next race is the Columbus Marathon on 10/17 and I feel like that 2:28 is well within reach this time around.

Made with a new [race report generator](http://sfdavis.com/racereports/) created by herumph.
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2021.09.28 04:22 Flipfl00p Name a myth or legend from where you're from. This bad boy is the Chupacabra. Myth in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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2021.09.28 04:22 wordsupport Baby owls sleep on their stomach because their heads are too heavy.

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2021.09.28 04:22 lol33124 EMERALD TOOLS

they are super bad and just trade it with villagers please also if you do that they will become 99% dumber
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2021.09.28 04:22 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 04:22 kaus3026 What is your favourite movie, tv show or anime ost?

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2021.09.28 04:22 freshme4t Anyone else use a canister filter as a fountain pump?

I bought a small container pond this spring for my deck (20 gallons) and this 90gph fountain pump. The plants grew in throughout the summer and the small filter on the fountain pump hasn't been able to keep up with the bioload from the plants and the 3-4 rosy red fish I have in there. The water is quite dirty pretty much all of the time even with 50% water changes every few weeks. I was thinking about upgrading the filtration to an external canister filter like the Fluval 107 but don't want to lose the fountain feature.
Has anyone used an aquarium canister filter and hooked the canister output to a fountain output? I was thinking I'd retrofit the fountain's vertical tube to the output tube of the filter to maintain the feature.
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2021.09.28 04:22 sillysocks34 Need help with weird connection issue.

After playing on Xbox for a long time with no issues, I just switched to PC. For some reason, when I’m on my pc, I CANNOT connect to a normal BR game. It just keeps searching for a game. However I can load into a rebirth game. On my Xbox, on the same Wi-Fi network, I do not have the same issue. I can load into a game no problem. It is the weirdest thing. I’ve tried resetting my router and restarting the PC without success.
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2021.09.28 04:22 ornella3579o A drawing of me in santuary ^o^

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2021.09.28 04:22 Dumb-username7 What the hell just happened?

I’m impressed at what i just witnessed. The last 30 minutes went like this:
Colossal Problem- Earl killed in 5 seconds, no loot.
Spawn outside mine, nuke is launched
Queen appears, dead in 5 seconds, get loot.
Immediately go to CP. not so quick, killed in 15 min.
FT to foundation, nuke launched.
Queen appears, dead in 5 seconds, get loot.
Again FT to CP, dead in 5 seconds, no loot.
In the 3 years I’ve been playing on PS I’ve never seen either boss did this fast, never mind this many times. You people are dedicated.
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2021.09.28 04:22 ImCurious012 Third Shift at the Asylum - Animated 2 Sentence Horror Story

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2021.09.28 04:22 Metallicafanforever Which one of these names is the most general and boring?

View Poll
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2021.09.28 04:22 MyOneUnknownAccount School be like

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2021.09.28 04:22 ZoRilla504 Beetles MIA

I’m trying to get the carapace set and every time I roll a corsus dungeon with the area the beetles should be, they’re nowhere to be found. Neither red or black ones, and I even feel like I hear them scuttling around but just don’t see them. Anyone else have this problem?
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