Daily Anagram Crossword Joc HTML5 - Radio Pro Mix - House Music For Your Soul

2021.10.23 02:22 Dj_Pio Daily Anagram Crossword Joc HTML5 - Radio Pro Mix - House Music For Your Soul

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2021.10.23 02:22 ZonePleasant Got a lovely shot of the moon looking like the sun on Thursday morning

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2021.10.23 02:22 SCAR10090 Join

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2021.10.23 02:22 YourBathroomBuddy Good night.

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2021.10.23 02:22 Griffeltar So scared all of the time.

I have a fissure (now with a large every growing skin tag) which started in December 2019, I'm still waiting for my referral for a surgeon.
I take naproxen, dulcoease, tramadol and use lidocaine and glycerine suppositories but I still am absolutely terrified of a bowel movement. Its so beyond painful and ends every time with me sobbing hysterically in the bathtub.
I sleep once every 2 days as when I sleep it must be easier for my bowels to work and I wake up needing the toilet.
What on earth can I do to help, I would do anything to cause diarrhoea rather than go through a BM but I'm just stuck living with this hell. I have barely been able to walk in the past 6 months. My quality of life is awful, I spend all day worrying about every noise and movement my stomach makes.
Is there anything else I can do, in particular is there anything I can do to ease the BM I will have today, so I don't sit here this upset?
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2021.10.23 02:22 TheTruthWeKnow Chris Boucher

Alright, so he was expected to miss the first 10 days of the season healing a dislocated finger but after 2 games he’s been pretty avg-disappointing. I know he’s most lethal against good big men matchups on opposing teams but it looks like Achiuwa is taking a good bulk of his production.
Impossible to tell, but opinions on if Boucher is just getting into back the flow of things and worth holding or is moving on to someone like Horford or Achiuwa the move? Thanks y’all
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2021.10.23 02:22 JoshR433 good one dud

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2021.10.23 02:22 Foot_Nugget Flavor Review: Sour Pixel Potion (In Comments)

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2021.10.23 02:22 AlitaTeam 💥$100 GIVEAWAY on our weekly Price Prediction Contest💥

💥$100 GIVEAWAY on our weekly Price Prediction Contest💥 https://preview.redd.it/wgyf2b3ix4v71.jpg?width=1280&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=79dc97685b4b99d88dbfb1ac8da6982f4c86b1c0
💥$100 GIVEAWAY on our weekly Price Prediction Contest💥
Every sunday, Alita is organizing a Price Prediction Contest !!
$100 is awarded to the winner every week
👉🏻 Conditions :
  1. October 24 at 1pm UTC, you will have one hour to predict the price of Alita for October 26 at 1pm UTC.
  2. Write your price prediction on a comment during this time frame here :
  1. Only one guess per telegram account
The winner will be announced on the same channel !
⏰ Countdown to the Price Prediction Contest : 👉 HERE 👈
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2021.10.23 02:22 anatidaiphobia HOW, WHAT, AHHHHHH!?!

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2021.10.23 02:22 drinking_my_gatorade Electrophysiologist appointment at Duke.

I have an appointment with an electrophysiologist at Duke coming up soon.
What was your experience seeing an electrophysiologist for POTS? Do they try to figure out why you have POTS? Related conditions, etc.? Or do they recommend physical therapy?
Just wondering what this appointment will be like compared to my cardiologist.
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2021.10.23 02:22 truski13 Took delivery of my Big Bend

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2021.10.23 02:22 AR3A5151 Suttering is gonna kill this game

The stuttering on xbox is stopping me and my brother from continuing to play this game... it always happens as well right when you approach or are aiming at an enemy... someone needs to tell the devs to fix this... I feel like the longer this stays this way the more ppl are going to leave and not come back which I don't want that to happen.
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2021.10.23 02:22 VacuousVessel Nolan Ryan. I like unique cards

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2021.10.23 02:22 Longjumping_Base_611 Kik?

Anyone in this community have a kik?
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2021.10.23 02:22 lefterisMOS Labbicorn floor price in mext month ?

I hold already 2 must hold more for opensea?
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2021.10.23 02:22 Spergbert_Downsy_Jr My Peter Steele collection. R.I.P.

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2021.10.23 02:22 GravyxNips You shared

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2021.10.23 02:22 benzlo33 Walls and Cronus

for players that use or have tried to use walls or Cronus - is the software something that can be turned off or on mid game? does it take some time to configure?
i just get sus vibes watching some of these streamers and wondering about it. gameplay literally doesn't make sense sometimes
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2021.10.23 02:22 tiredcanadian288 26 [M4F] Vancouver/Lower mainland, BC, Canada Finally looking to finally start dating

Ok so to sum it all up I'm your typical nerd/gamer, I'm 6'3", roughly 200lbs, white, fairly chill (though a bit introverted), atheist, politically left leaning(if that matters), hard worker, living with family to help support them, looking for a serious and lasting relationship. (more in depth below)
So as I mentioned I'm a pretty big nerd, I enjoy anime, video games, movies, TV series, the works, I love studying the finer details and intricacies of games and movies and discussing ideas and philosophy around fiction [Favorite media] Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Full metal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Dark souls and the MCU.
I like to keep things fairly relaxed yet fun, not super active in terms of climbing mountains, hiking or surfing (sorry tinder) I prefer a night in with good food and good company or the occasional day trip adventure somewhere local
I'm also into cooking/baking, love finding new recipes and trying them out, constantly watch Binging with Babish and Joshua Weissman.
My favorite meal would have to be a tie between a good roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding or Mac and cheese with fried chicken and chorizo sausage.
Professionally: I work part time at Walmart (I know shooting for the moon here) at least until the job market is a little less hectic, I'm hoping to get a job as a forklift driver fairly soon, after that I'm aiming for a job in technology, I've done a little bit of everything from video editing, filming to game testing and even advised a music academy with their streaming setup for covid safe online music classes.
Love animals but probably don't want to own anymore, I spent a solid 3 years taking care of my first dog after she became paralyzed and I carried her everywhere she needed to go up until the day she passed.
My only preference is that I want to date someone my age who has some similar interests, can hangout, nerd out and have some fun but also likes to keep things easy going (without drama) and is serious about the relationship.
Be all end all goal for me is to find someone who enjoys the simple things in life as much as I do, someone who I can nerd out with and discuss philosophy with for fun, hopefully someday settle down and marry and still be best friends with
P.s- Apologies if I don't respond right away, might just be busy or riddled with some anxiety.
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2021.10.23 02:22 One_Citron2732 Awkward massage

My wife thought it would be fun to get a couples massage during our vacation, which I had never done before. It was a full body massage and so we were naked except for a towel. While massaging my right leg, the masseuse lightly brushed my penis twice and I ended up getting an erection which I'm certain was highly visible. She said nothing and continued on, meanwhile I was too embarrassed to move or say anything myself. It eventually just went away but I was unable to relax or enjoy any of it after that.
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2021.10.23 02:22 Historical-Bug1328 Did you get the TDAP while pregnant?

My step dad fell ill after receiving the flu shot years back, and has never been able to walk the same sense. He still deals with excruciating pain from that and has been on pain meds sense he got the shot, to make the pain manageable. This has given me a fear with getting vaccines ever sense. But sense the TDAP helps your unborn baby avoid whooping cough, I've considered it. I have another month or so to make up my mind, but would love suggestions, experiences or advice of any kind! Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.23 02:22 dani_woof RP Writing Groups

Thinking of alternative interaction opportunities than Read-for-Reads, I remembered that I used to participate in RP Writing Groups. We didn't post them, usually, but we would write back and forth as different characters in over-arching stories as shared-events occurred. Wattpad makes it kind of fun to do this, because there are many options. You can post on Conversation boards, post as stories themselves, or keep the prompts to messenger between you and your fellow writer.
An example:

Agree on a shared event, and decide the order of the story (who posts first and so on). Stories don't have to overlap initially, but the characters should eventually meet and respond to each other and the story. The joy of this is in the interaction. It doesn't have to be Fanfiction, either. It can be based around any original concept.
Would anyone be interested in doing something like this? I haven't participated in an RP writing group in a while, but I think it would be fun to do again.
Reach out to me on Wattpad or here if you are interested. <3
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2021.10.23 02:22 EricSchC1fr Democrats move to finalize new ‘billionaire’ tax proposal, targeting 700 wealthiest Americans as key source of revenue for spending plan

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2021.10.23 02:22 madocgwynedd If I dropped an art music NFT with a physical component would anyone buy it?

Basically that. I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth it, but I wanna sell an NFT of my queer liberation protest music that an orchestra played lol.
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