My wife was holding her stomach and crying because she couldn’t eat candy!

2021.10.23 02:13 officerkondo My wife was holding her stomach and crying because she couldn’t eat candy!

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2021.10.23 02:13 HowThePuck My car dome light melted the frost around the shape of the light

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2021.10.23 02:13 chinkennumbget Please help with Megamind

I need a Megamind Snoovatarian and I don’t know what to do for it. This is extremely urgent.
This is probably totally the wrong way to post here but it’s really important and I didn’t know what to do.
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2021.10.23 02:13 liftonark $30 adidas Questar Flow Shoes Men's [Restock] | Retail $75

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2021.10.23 02:13 GR1ML0C51 Right, guys?!? Guys!?

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2021.10.23 02:13 KA1N3_fat_boi Soap at home

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2021.10.23 02:13 TravisWWE12 Tay Conti

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2021.10.23 02:13 old_story5500 George

And... more in the way of George Costanza than some self-abasing monastic freak. St. Augustine is cringe.
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2021.10.23 02:13 blames1987 any good Movies and tv sites

I been on the browser looking but i can't seem to find any good movie sites. Anyone got some links?
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2021.10.23 02:13 purakii When you hear a girl going “gluck gluck gluck” it means she’s _____

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2021.10.23 02:13 bcqt1 Fall leaves

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2021.10.23 02:13 Plastuer Ender 3 auto home sets z axis too high

I couldn't find an answer for this on google so I'm posting it here for anyone who had the same issue.
Every time I pressed the auto home option. The printer would go left until it hit the stopper. Then it would raise up about an inch.
Every time I pressed it, it would raise an inch from its current position.
It turns out that I didn't push the z axis stopper connection in all the way and it fell out.
Once I plugged it back in, the z axis lowered until it touched the trigger. Then raised and lowered slower in smaller decrements.
A pretty stupid mistake, but it took me an hour to figure it out since I kept thinking it was a bed leveling issue since I've never used a 3d printer before.
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2021.10.23 02:13 KoreaJake Bitcoin price to $135k within weeks, says proven analyst

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2021.10.23 02:13 StoneTimeKeeper Question: What do you think is the most satsifying sounds to hear in the game? (Specifically sound effects not soundtracks)

Personally my favorite is the sound of the exploding ghosts from Purgatory and Hungry Soul. A close second goes to Dogma's Brimstone with sound of collecting souls for the Urn of Souls being a close 3rd. I'm curious what sounds other people lime to hear.
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2021.10.23 02:13 baerayjay You eatz da bugs? Not me! 5,000+ 30 on the roof. See you on the other side of Western Civilization.

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2021.10.23 02:13 Shongan21 My two MG so far. Working on Barbatos atm

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2021.10.23 02:13 xsv333 Purple pet bed question

It has been out of stock for a while now, has it been discontinued? Really wanted to get my dog one since she likes ours so much
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2021.10.23 02:13 Jorgefromfinance Voll / absolut / ganz / richtig + adjektiv

Hallo zusammen!
So I have this question. Can all of these "intensifiers" be used interchangeably? I am trying to find some resources about it, but I haven't been very successful.
I mean, is saying: Voll Cool / absolut cool / richtig cool the same? If not, when would you use each? Are there any other words like these?
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2021.10.23 02:13 COGS122RedditAccount Please take this survey for our start up studio class

Hey guys. Cogs 122 Start up studio survey for our project.. Appreciate if you guys can answer this survey.
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2021.10.23 02:13 GratefulToBeGold True story

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2021.10.23 02:13 WiseGirl_101 Combining possible responses of a categorical variable into one response

Hi everyone, I don't know if the title is the clearest but hopefully the following is clear. I'm working with Canadian census data, specifically the categorical PR variable (province of residence). I'm looking to combine multiple provinces into one category in a new variable, and I'm having trouble doing that.
I'm not the best at Stata, but so far I've tried this command and the row below that is the error line I get. The 10, 11, etc. are all numerical labels for the provinces, so I'm trying to do single out of the provinces out and do one where it combines them as well.

 recode PR (10/11/12/13/35/46/47/48/59 = 1) (24 = 2)(10/11/12/13/14/24/35/46/47/48/59 = 0), gen(prov) unknown el / in rule 
Please let me know if there is anything I need to clarify, thanks!
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2021.10.23 02:13 Long-Live-Germany38 I miss online school I'm not even joking

I miss online school I'm not even joking. Currently in Middle school and things are hard. My classes give out so much homework that I can't count it. Even worse I have to worry about AR points because every 2 months you need to have 18 points. In online school, you did not have to do any of this. Zoom class is just 2 hours long while school is 6 hours long. Also, I didn't have afterschool during online school. Also, the online school has little homework when school has much homework. School sucks and I want 2020 back and I know that statement is going to make many people mad.
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2021.10.23 02:13 he1ping_hand Where Can I design an image using elements and objects like the one I shared below

Where Can I design an image using elements and objects like the one I shared below Hey guys, so i would like to create an image using such elements, where can I do that
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2021.10.23 02:13 bellabumbling New guy [35] I’m dating gets really angry if I don’t take his advice or do what he thinks I should do.

So…. two months into dating this guy. And the past month or so he has started yelling at me anytime he offers advice or wants me to do something that I may just not agree with or just may not be able to do right away. Honestly, he gets pretty angry if I just simply have a different opinion than him on something that seems super minor to me, too.
For example, I was at his house the other evening, and he wanted me to come see something in his garage. I said to him, “Okay! I’ll be there in just one second… responding to my mom who just got results back about my sister’s heart checkup.” Suddenly he began yelling at me, saying that I was being rude because I “was a guest in his house” and why can’t I just “appease him” by coming with him to the garage. Like… really yelling.
I responded, “Oh I’m sorry I really was just sending a quick text back and was about to come….”
To which he interrupted me and responded, “No you basically said fk you and if you feel like you can’t even come to the fking garage when I ask then you can leave.”
So I left. Walked down to the corner and waited 20 minutes outside for an Uber, in fact.
Since then he’s been communicating with me as if nothing happened, and it’s super strange.
These angry outbursts have become more frequent and often over the tiniest things. But then other times he’s the nicest and most supportive person, so it just has me feeling like maybe this is just due to stress in his life that I’m not aware of?
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2021.10.23 02:13 pallabbose-blogger Great view

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