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So i recently got hired to wash dishes, but there are TONS of dishes and i feel since im really inexperienced im very slow and that causes me to be later than i should, any tips on how to be more agile or more flexible with work?
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2021.10.23 00:53 LeoDuhVinci Chapter 61, 62, 63, 64 of Star Child Book 6. Official title: Gravity Trap

Chapter 61, SC As Lee approached, my perception of reality changed.
Only once before had I used my power around Lee, back when we were rescuing Jeannie. As an Amplifier, Lee naturally enhanced the other powers around him, making them stronger. But the ways that he enhanced them were never straightforward and often came with drawbacks. Just like electrical amplifiers, there was distortion—and that distortion had cost his previous employer, Arachne, his life.
For me, that distortion meant no dark orbs—space simply wouldn’t collapse that small when I was affected by Lee. My control over minute details changed, the loss of dexterity over my power like trying to write an essay while wearing oven mitts. Force points were still possible, though they behaved differently than normal, and the finesse to move them according to my will evaporated. In handling small items, I was simply too clumsy.
But where my control of small objects shriveled away, my sensing abilities magnified. The world clamored to be heard, my power reaching farther than it ever had before, pulsing out in waves as every piece of matter, down to the smallest grains of sand, jostled for my attention with their minute gravitational pulls.
There was the bridge underneath me, the concrete bending space around it, each of the heavier rebar rods threaded through the center solidifying its grasp. The trees, their gravitational texture like boiling water, space bubbling up between trunks then downwards at their roots. The bodies of my friends around me, their beating hearts sending ripples as they slightly contracted and expanded. And there was Blake, his massive frame not only warping space but commanding it—his presence second only to spatial well of Earth itself below him.
Pushing my perceptive powers against him, I found the microcracks in his exterior, areas where Ennia’s arrows had shattered. Tiny, but still present, like capillaries among a core of otherwise solid diamond. I discovered the patterns in the rough topography over his sky—the repetitions between spikes and barbs, the way that they expanded out in circular patterns like drill bits used in digging machinery. Space about him shimmered—his nature as a titan fighting even against gravity itself, seeking to contest the pull that dragged all matter home.
Deep within him, there was a void—a secondary force similar to his own, another obfuscation of space. Siri, locked away right where his heart should be, in a small cavern now filled with Ennia’s epoxy. Standing still, the chemicals latching her in place, her eyes drilling through Blake’s semi-clear exterior leering at me.
These sensations came in a rush, an elation, like suddenly gaining razor-sharp vision after years of glasses. But it wasn’t for sensing the battlefield, nor Blake, nor Siri that I had brought Lee.
Rather, it was for what we had hidden beneath the bridge in the dead of night, in preparation for the fight.
“Get ready!” I shouted, planting my feet wide. Then I pushed my perception downwards, into the knot of dark strands that flowed through reality. To the heart of Peregrine’s machine.
Once owned by Siri, it was the work of a teleporter—each of the doorways a rift through space, connected by a tunnel that existed between our world and that other side. Emulating his own ability and creating portals to the ends of the earth.
At first, the machine had been daunting—taking hours for us to understand how to connect different tunnels like a switchboard, or even how to determine which tunnel would run where. With Lola’s help, I’d grasped the concept of the machine and how to maneuver its parts. With practice, I’d learned to move doorways, dragging the portals along as they spooled a dark umbilical cord back to their nexus. For the portals were simply tears and folds in space, and with my power, I shaped space itself.
Even with my experience, the complexity of the machine demanded my full attention—moving a single door took focus, trying to separate out the individual strands of tunnels turned into a puzzle. Like a mechanic working on a car engine he’d never seen before, I had moved with caution—unaware which parts might affect the whole, or if I were tangling the strands of spatial tunnels together.
But with Lee, everything changed.
The entire schematic burst into my mind, each of its intricacies becoming part of my perception. My consciousness flooded down the spatial tubes—experiencing each of their distant locations simultaneously, their extremities shouting from the endpoints like the end of a telephone. The heat of the Sahara Desert, the freezing winds of the Arctic, the depths of the Pacific Ocean, and more—each wrapped up into its own pinprick. At the center, the way the cords spiraled around themselves made intuitive sense, all the individual pieces adding together to reach a whole.
In my mind, I separated out the eight strands that we had prepared earlier, when we had moved the machine underneath the bridge. Each led to two doorways, some of the ends close, and others running far off into the distance. But all of them had one endpoint in the row of eight doors that waited under the bridge, both silent and still until my consciousness brushed them. Now they shivered in anticipation, matching the beating of my own heart.
Then they began to move as I seized control over them, each becoming an extension of my limbs as I whipped them into the space between myself and Blake. Just as I could control my ten fingers independently, so too could I move each of the doorways—the sensation akin to how an octopus must feel with each of its tentacles.
“It’s time we finished this,” I said as Blake began to charge. “Time to realize you’re no more special than any of us.”
And I threw the first door open, releasing the power that awaited within.
Chapter 62, SC Peregrine’s machine gave me titan-size boxing gloves. And my first strike needed to buy me space.
The first doorway whipped in front of Blake’s path, and its endpoint had not been wired to another door—rather, I’d spliced it off to the pocket in space I had left securely beneath the bridge. There, the Sculptor lay waiting, confined by his prison—and I cracked open the walls of his prison, his power rushing down the tunnel and out through the open door, bursting out like water out of the end of a firehose.
In front of me, the air blurred—from this distance, far easier to see than up close, a ripple broke out from the portal in an expanding wave. It moved in deadly silence, nearly invisible until the instant it struck Blake’s diamond chest and the entirety of the Sculptor’s pent-up power focused upon that one point. A knife blade slamming directly into Blake’s heart.
The crack was deafening, the sound wave so powerful that the trees shook, enough to stop Blake’s momentum like a linebacker hitting a brick wall. Diamond dust fell down like shimmering rain, catching the sunlight to form a cloud of luminescence. A thin but unmistakable seam had formed from Blake’s shoulder to his side, where the blow cut on a diagonal. A blemish in Blake’s armor—not a microcrack, but something significant enough to be visible to the human eye. Noticeable damage.
A sign that even as a titan, his exoskeleton was not impenetrable.
Blake raised a finger to the gouge, wiping away the diamond dust as if it were blood, and tried to howl—but his windpipe already was silenced from Ennia’s pufferfish. Instead, the giant of diamond leaned over me, his mouth open in silent rage, his teeth gnashing on sounds that didn’t exist.
But I didn’t let Blake recover—instead, I maneuvered my second doorway out of the eight, angling it for a strike from the side. I released it, opening the power to its full extent, this ability far more familiar to me than the others. Releasing Jeannie’s storm.
The fury of a hurricane streamed through the doorway—a vortex of rain and hail in a waterjet capable of cutting through solid blocks of steel. It blasted into the cut, lopping off the tip of one of Blake’s fingers that covered the wound, then seeking to widen the gap. The impact turned Blake to the side like a left hook—but not before a lightning strike with the combined power of an entire thunderstorm struck him, the flash enough to blind, aimed directly at the seam. The sheer power of it ripped the air to ozone while setting hair on end with electrical charge for miles.
And Blake’s exterior armor shattered.
It wasn’t his entire chest—rather, a plate of it, a thin fragment like a shard of glass. More diamond waited underneath, more material to blast away—but this was tangible damage.
And with the power of titans at my disposal, I could chip away at Blake for hours.
Both Jeannie and the Sculptor had to rest—consecutive shots of titan power took time to rebuild and recharge as they filled their pockets in space with more energy. But they were only two of eight doors—and as Blake gripped a tower of jade to hurl at me, I released the third door—this time, pointing it at myself.
Green goop flooded over the surface of the concrete bridge, coating it from end to end in a glowing sheet that hardened in an instant. Beside me, Lee pulled at the straps of a mosquito net, raising it in a dome around us. Darian leapt from the other end of the bridge to inside the netting, joining me to support my control over the titans. Then I sprayed the goop over the net, the portal whipping left and right like a printer as the mesh caught the slime, solidifying the goop in a transparent barrier. The barrier turned opaque, and difficult to see through—but I saw with gravity now, and that stretched beyond the shield.
I sensed Blake hurl the jade spike with all his strength, and the projectile crashed over the bridge, shattering upon the protective shield in a boom that sounded like thunder from above. Not a crack covered the barrier, the thin layer holding as a fortress against his next attack.
And I released door four.
Door four split into four different tunnels through space, each of them trailing back to the metal box treehouses holding the Deathguards. One of those tunnels was now closed, butted up against the flattened steel—but three of them were active, and the remaining nine Deathguards poured their power in through the portal, creating a beam of Death itself. It shrieked as it escaped the door in concentrated power, glancing off the back of Blake’s shoulder as I attacked him from behind, the diamond diffusing Death like it would light.
Death streamers bounced away from Blake as our own soldiers dove for cover, but the majority of the power dug into the crystal in dark veins. Where it touched, diamond began the transformation back to graphite, turning from hard layers of crystallized carbon to soft pencil lead. The beam of Death worked its way into his shoulder blade, slicing diamond away like a grinder—slow, but ablating and removing substance. Blake whirled as Death found purchase, the beam leaving a trail of gray graphite across his body, and snatched the doorway out of the air like an annoying fly.
While Blake couldn’t crumple the connection, neither could the portal escape his grasp. Then Deathguard’s power blasted into his fist, turning it into a disco ball that spread darkness instead of light in all directions, the streamers screaming in all directions.
Trees died the instant that death touched them. A fleeing Worldwalker’s arm was struck by a ray and fell to his side, the skin instantly greying. A titan howled in the distance, struck by the radiation. And I snapped the portal door shut before it could do any more damage, cutting off the Deathguards just as Blake opened a hand layered in graphite. The skin appeared charred and badly burned, and sheets of charcoal fell off, leaving that fist substantially smaller than the other.
Doors five and six I opened simultaneously, their ends powered by teams gathered over a mile away from the battle.
Most the attacks before this had been direct strikes—the goal to weaken Blake by damaging him. But now, as the titans were recharging, we needed something else to keep him at bay. No amount of Specials firing through those doors could match the raw power of something like Jeannie or the Sculptor.
Instead, these teams were designed to slow Blake down.
Four Laserets from Roland’s police force blasted through one, a total of eight beams, one from each hand, that danced across Blake in a light show. Against Blake, even powerful lasers were useless—they’d only bounce around him, reflecting but causing little to no damage. So instead of trying to slice pieces of him away, the Laserets focused on his eyes—the beams crisscrossing right at the pupil points in an effort to blind him. Blake’s eyelids slammed shut—but these, too, were of clear diamond, and they only enhanced the light’s scattering effect, his head swinging around wildly to try to evade the tracking beams, his hands lashing out at attackers hidden behind the portal door.
The seventh door was a risk, a gamble; the only door with powers that were not devoted to a physical aspect. Rather, every psychological Special we could find waited at a room on the other end, their powers at the ready. There were the Intimidators from the Amazon—those whose glare could freeze an opponent like a mouse staring into the jaws of a lion. The Paralytics and Drowsers, their powers inherited from the variety of medicinal plants of their homeland. Then came the Emotives employed by Roland—who could broadcast their own feelings out onto Blake, and were currently focused on hopelessness and sadness, their own eyes streaming with tears as the emotions consumed them. Usually, these types of powers were used in confessions or interrogations, and even the strongest of criminals would break from emotional forces surging from within them.
Lucio should have led that contingent of a dozen psychological powers—but since Arial had not returned, neither had he. I shook my head to ward off the thoughts of worry—wherever they were, anywhere was likely safer than this battlefield.
Any normal person would have crumbled under the psychological pressure—as all their worst anxieties sprang to the surface, their fears realized, their willpower too sapped to fight back as sleep and lethargy attacked at the same time. But even before Blake’s transformation, Lucio had difficulty cracking into his memories—the thoughts were too far corrupted from Siri’s influence, then annealed by his time in a mental ward. There, other Specials had tried to revive Blake—but without knowing the nature of Siri’s power, had only worsened his condition, solidifying it. Trapping her power under layers of her own, tying the knot tighter with their interference rather than unraveling it.
Now, Blake’s mind had hardened along with his body—the psychic wave passing directly through him without his notice, his concern only for the lasers that still blasted away at his face. His thoughts were so crystallized that no amount of psychological power could alter them. When the lasers stopped, and the mental attack continued, he spared the open portal not even a glance. Yet the outer layers of dread started to reach me, despite being at the very edge of their range. The faint whisperings of inadequacy and worthlessness called to my attention and threatened to undermine the fight.
Historically, those feelings were enough to turn the tide of a battle. To infect an enemy with a poison far more potent than a single physical attack could muster. And before that same poison could infect our own troops, I slid the psychological door shut—if Blake was immune, the only damage it would cause was to ourselves.
By now, the titan’s powers were replenished. And I repeated the cycle once more.
The Sculptor, with his invisible blade that scored deep into the diamond. Then the strike of Jeannie’s lightning and hail, chipping away the weakened segments. Deathguards next, eroding over the segment like a sandblaster. Green goop to strengthen our fortifications, or avoid the inevitable attack, or temporarily lock one of Blake’s limbs in place. Then blinding laser lights, as the other powers recovered.
Strike. Shield. Distract.
A chunk of diamond the size of a car door sloughed off, clinking to the ground.
Strike. Shield. Distract.
This time, two entire fingers, sounding like shattering glass.
And again—each time, taking off just a small potion, as Blake’s body turned shapeless. His diamond skin attempted to seal over the patches, but with each strike, less material rushed to fill the gaps. It flowed too slow to erase our blows, and if it regenerated, far slower than that.
Slowly, he lost mass, his size diminishing. As we ground away at him, each strike taking just a little bit more diamond away. Scraping off a small portion of his power, whittling him down.
Until there would be nothing left.
Chapter 63, SC After eight cycles, Blake’s size was halved. His chest heaved, his features sharpened as the diamond flowed into blades, his clogged throat blocked the screams of rage he hurled at me with each unsuccessful attack. So far, the green protective shield had held strong—a few thick cracks running through the seams, which I’d patched every time he’d become distracted.
Against me, Blake would win. But against me, an army of Specials, and multiple harnessed titans, even he would fall.
And with each chip of him I blasted away, I drove that realization home. Permeating the crystal of his stubborn mind with one inevitable conclusion.
That he would lose.
To Blake, losing was incomprehensible. Unthinkable. He had become the greatest version of himself, stronger than anyone had thought possible. Likely, the strongest Special to exist in history. And yet, he was still losing to the same enemy from his previous state. Me—a low class Special, a bottom, and certainty not a titan.
That thought brought new energy to his attacks, as diamond’s equivalent of adrenaline flushed through him and he lunged forwards. His shoulder lowered, cracking into the reinforced bridge just as I switched from the Sculptor’s power to Jeannie’s. But he closed the distance in a blink, so fast that Jeannie’s lightning shot went wide, flying over his forehead to scatter into the sky.
Diamond and the green shield ground together, the sound muted through the barrier but still deafening enough to make me clap my hands over my ears. Like a pliers trying to split open my enclosure, as Blake’s crystalline hands closed over the green bubble, his fingers started to clench.
“Darian!” I shouted to where he stood next to me. “Give me some help here! Keep Blake busy, blast away!”
I arranged the charged titan portals around Blake’s head, his eyes squinting down towards us, blurred through the combination of diamond and green.
“Give me the reins,” Darian answered, cracking his knuckles, the sound mirroring the first deep crack that broke through the shielded enclosure. With my power, I threw the two dark strands leading to the portals over to Darian, who caught them and ripped the doorways open. From one, Deathguard power poured outwards over Blake’s skull, slowly eating away at it. From the other, the dizzying lights played over his eyes, trying to distract him.
But Blake only redoubled his efforts and squeezed harder as a second crack joined the first, flecks of green sparks showering down around us as the shield faltered. To my right, Lee gulped and took a swig of a flask from his pocket, then took a second, longer swig as another crack formed.
I turned my attention to the third portal door and ripped it open, calling the protective titan within. Then I blasted green goop over our already reinforced shell, not caring if it spread over Blake’s hands. Like amber crystallizing over an insect, it flowed over us, filling in the gaps, doubling the layers that had held us safe. Simultaneously, it wedged between the cracks in Blake’s fingers, gluing his hands down to our shield—and therefore, him down to the bridge.
Slugger continued blasting with the two open doorways on either side of Blake’s head, but without the titans to back them up, the Deathguards were only a nuisance to Blake. The Sculptor and Jeannie were still recovering—and even if they didn’t, Darian was there to help me seal titans away, not open them to the world. If he was the one operating the titan orbs, they’d easily pass his grasp. Even with his enhanced Mimic abilities, he couldn’t fully control a titan like I could.
“SC!” Darian shouted, as Blake lunged forwards again, this time with his head. His hands were only feet away and still trying to crush us, only the centimeter-thick shell preventing us from turning to pulp under his fingertips. His mouth opened wide, his arms drawing him closer, until his teeth clamped down over the green bubble, his head angling to bring his molars to the front as Darian cried out again, “SC, we’re a walnut and he’s a nutcracker!”
Blake clamped down as the green goop turned from a hose of protectant to a trickle as the titan’s power within dwindled. Where there had been cracks before, there was a sound like a cannon blast, as our entire shell formed a seam down the center. We were close enough to stare down his throat, to see Ennia’s contraption still lodged in there and cutting off Siri. For his saliva to condense on the outer edge of our shell and drip through the widening gap. For me to count the dozens of teeth that would soon punch through the layer.
But we had prepared for this.
“Through the portal!” I shouted, just as Blake clamped down again, the seam splitting wide. To the edge, I threw open the seventh doorway that I controlled—one that led to a quarter mile up the road. One leading to just inside the city limit, where the evacuated buildings began.
Slugger jumped through first, landing on the rooftop where the endpoint waited, a ten-story apartment building facing out towards the bridge. I followed, pulling Lee with me, as we rolled over tanning chairs and grills set out for the tenants. I sprang to my feet, turning my eyes to Blake in the distance, his figure hunched over and still gnawing on the enclosure we had been inside moments before.
“We have to get back there! To press the advantage!” I shouted over the sound of grinding still coming through the portal doorway. But as soon as the words left my mouth, the green protection gave way—and instead of shattering into shards, it exploded, the failure pulverizing the shielding into green powder the billowed away from Blake.
Some of it covered him, coating him in a layer over the darkened diamond from the Deathguards.
Some rushed in a cloud that puffed away in the wind.
But the majority was blown out of the easiest escape path—pressurized through the hole present in the center of the enclosure. Our portal, still held open, blasted the glowing green dust into the sky, so concentrated, it flashed in the sunlight as it plumed up around our location in a small mushroom cloud.
Blake’s hands slammed down on the bridge as he searched through the remains for our bodies, the bridge’s concrete finally giving away without protection, any of our Specials left in the area fleeing. He slammed his fist down again, then once more, fury consuming him as his prize eluded him. That we had escaped.
Then his gaze rose—drawn by the plume of green in the distance. His eyes narrowed, his lip turned into a snarl, his attention focused on me one more. Then he charged again, recovering in an instant as we still scrambled to our positions on the rooftop.
I reached out with my power, searching for the knot of portals to fight him off. But those were now a quarter of a mile away, the tangle of spatial tunnels too far for my power to maneuver.
And Darian’s face turned white as he came to the same conclusion as me—that this next round would be without Peregrine’s machine, or the titans held within.
Chapter 64, SC Blake leapt over the bridge remains, crossing the gap between us with alarming speed. With no embattlements or barriers to slow him down, and the majority of our army handling the other titans that still rampaged in the distance, his path to us was clear.
Ennia tried to snag his foot in a lasso made of tendon from parts left over from her crossbow, but the material snapped before Blake could even notice. When he was halfway to us, Darian, Lee, and I had barely managed to form a shoulder to shoulder defensive formation. Instead of a wall, we felt like standing matchsticks up against an oncoming sledgehammer.
When he was close enough to start making out details, I swept the portal door around for us to escape. But on the other side, there was only the rubble of the bridge, crammed up against the portal exit. In that direction, there would be no escape. To our left and right were only the swift drops of the apartment building’s sides, while behind us, the remainder of the city.
“Darian, you have any rapid movement powers stashed away?” I asked as the tanning chairs around us began to shake, and a pair of tongs rattled off a grill to clang onto the floor.
“Wanted to be as strong as I could to control titans, so I cleared myself all out for your power,” he said. “Besides your abilities, I’m running on empty.”
“If you’re all about gravity, how about you just float us on down?” said Lee, taking another heavy sip of his flask.
“Doesn’t work like that,” I said. “Trying to fly feels like trying to climb up a rope you’re holding up with your other hand.”
“Whelp,” Lee said, taking another sip, realizing the flask was empty, and throwing it off the roof. “I guess I’m about to die thirsty.”
“Not yet,” I said, bristling, and praying that the city behind us was truly evacuated as Blake’s steps thundered down upon us.
“SC, you got a plan?” Darian asked as I squared my shoulders.
“Not a good one.” I answered as Blake towered over us. I gritted my teeth, steeling myself, waiting until the last instant. Until he was so close, I could see the individual scratches on his exterior, as well as the dark shape of Siri hidden deep in his chest. I waited one more heartbeat as he bore down on us, then reached to the pocket of space where I held the final titan. This titan, I had left both connected to a door and on my person—to be used only in emergency.
I shook it violently twice like a bottle of soda, feeling the pressure build as the being within stirred. Then I opened it wide, with no concern of closing it after.
The titan within rocketed out from the point in space, unfolding to massive size, now matching Blake after we had removed so much diamond. Where there was only air a second before, a figure of pure muscle now tumbled, crashing into Blake in a whirlwind of limbs.
The titan had not two arms, but six—each bursting with muscle disproportionate to the rest of his body and giving him the appearance of a crab. Two seized Blake’s shoulders tight while the other four began pummeling at his sides, each fist a blur. His legs thrashed behind him as both slammed down to the ground in a wrestling match where every move shook the city. The sudden appearance caught Blake by surprise, and he struggled to break away while the titan was only interested in smashing anything that appeared before him. Since the convergence, the strength titan had been trapped, his fury growing—and now, each rapid punch from his fists were the only release. No part of him cared about the knuckles that shattered against diamond, nor how his teeth that snapped over Blake’s nose broke on impact.
The fighting titans were so close that I could feel the puffs of wind coming from each punch—the blood from split knuckles flecking up over us, and the strength titan’s shouts from the thrill of the fight vibrating in my lungs.
“Run! We need to get back to the battleground!” I shouted to Darian and Lee, heading towards the rooftop doorway. My hand found the clasp and I wrenched at it—only for the mechanism to click in place against the lock, the door refusing to budge. In desperation, I summoned a dark orb, using the ashes from one of the grills as a starting mass.
But the ashes only quivered in place, refusing to join together into a dark orb. Far away, there was an explosion and a flash, the windows of the building next to us exploding outwards from the force. I cursed, looking to Lee, realizing what had just happened.
“Can’t you turn your Amplifier power off?” I shouted over the brawl.
“I can turn it up, but not off,” he yelled back. “So long as I’m close, it’s here. Involuntary.”
I stared down at my hands, my thoughts turning. With Lee so close, I wouldn’t be able to create dark orbs. Without a dark orb, we couldn’t blast through the doorway.
The other titans were still linked to the portals, which meant I had left them behind at the battleground. There they would remain, trapped, unless I or someone else who could manipulate space came to fetch them. All except for the strength titan, who was now outside of my control.
Which meant we now had no powers that could blast through the door.
Darian joined me and together we slammed our shoulders against the metal, trying to break out. To get to the stairway, where we could descend and make our way back to the battleground and recover the other titans. At full speed, I could get there in under two minutes.
But with the door blocking our path, we were stuck.
Below, the battle raged on. The strength titan roared as Blake rolled, trapping one of his arms in a lock. Then Blake sliced it off at the elbow with a swipe of the razor-sharp edge of his hand.
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2021.10.23 00:53 Gabriel_pote Need help with a team comp, I'm using Hollyberry, Strawberry, black raisin, Espresso and Vanilla. It's working pretty well, but I feel like I can make it better

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2021.10.23 00:53 Nero_De_Angelo A little idea that would make Equipment Rerolling a bit more tolerable...

The update they made that we can do 10 rerolls one after another is nice, but there is that ONE THING that I would like to change... THe option to keep what you have!
Other games out there, if you reroll equipment / Stats or whatever, you can choose if you want to keep the old results, or the new results, depending what you think is better. So let us do 10 Rerolls and then let us choose if we want to keep what we had or choose one of the new rolls, so that we can avoid downgrading our stuff...

Anyone else would think that this would make rerolling much better by itself already?
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2021.10.23 00:53 TrainingVegetable668 Eu quero sair do Brasil em até 4 anos e preciso de dicas

O que preciso além de dominar o inglês? E estudar a cultura? Passaportes? Locais para experiências? Eu vou morrer pobre se depender dessa economia complicada que é o Br,( e sei que lá fora não é fácil) enfim,.preciso de dicas e preciso estudar para um caralho.
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2021.10.23 00:53 Fishinglobster When you realize

That when you tell someone you listen to Lana they will probably think of summertime sadness remix and not dealer or any other absolute masterpiece
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2021.10.23 00:53 Quiet_Memory385 The girl i love the most in the whole world

Her name is here
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2021.10.23 00:53 buddhiststuff I love these Magic Eye things.

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2021.10.23 00:53 Not_Sure4now Numbers are looking good to $GOGO for a $RIDE

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2021.10.23 00:53 Kuhiria Just bought this poster

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2021.10.23 00:53 KorraShepard Udina: “We’ll just Photoshop it.” Shepard: “Let’s- Let’s- You want to take another one?” Anderson: “No. No. We’ll find another picture that we can use and that’ll be fine.”

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2021.10.23 00:53 im_tired_ok Thank you very much sir, I wouldn't have things to do without you.

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2021.10.23 00:53 AffiliateLeakz Gold’s Inflation-Haven Appeal Means ‘Violent’ Run-Up May Be Ahead

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2021.10.23 00:53 AffiliateLeakz Gold’s Inflation-Haven Appeal Means ‘Violent’ Run-Up May Be Ahead

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2021.10.23 00:53 MINERVATWIN Larger than earth . . . Over by Saturn....!

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2021.10.23 00:53 metrotorch Where to Get Visa/Mastercards with Custom Value ?

Not the ones with a fixed value.
Are there any cheaper options than these "cash passport" things at local canada posts that come with a $15 dollar purchase fee. And I really don't even know a lot about these if you can use them for regular online purchases. If so, yeah just wondering if it's the best choice.
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