So apparently parrots like suntanning

So The 'Jeopardy!' Guest Host Rotation Was Apparently All For Show After all the hype, executive producer Mike Richards will become the show's regular host and actor Mayim Bialik will host prime-time specials and spinoffs. Creators participating in the YouTube Partner Program can share revenue from eligible cover song videos on YouTube, once music publisher owners claim those videos. You'll be paid revenue for these vid God on Trial: Directed by Andy De Emmony. With Joseph Muir, Josef Altin, Ashley Artus, Alexi Kaye Campbell. Awaiting their inevitable deaths at one of the worst concentration camps, a group of Jews make a rabbinical court to decide whether God has gone against the Holy Covenant and if He is the one guilty for their suffering. Imgur ... download

2021.10.23 00:52 madasdfs So apparently parrots like suntanning

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2021.10.23 00:52 bomboclaatinho Question regarding BO3 on PS5

Apparently the PS+ users on PS5 get BO3 Chronicles Edition for free, I didn't realize this until way after. But I have already downloaded BO3 through putting my BO3 PS4 disc into the PS5. So now when I want to play BO3 I have to use the disc, is there a way to turn the game/download into the free digital version so I wont have to use the disc every time I want to play?
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2021.10.23 00:52 Hermosninja The Red Rocket Collectron is sold by Samuel for 4000 Bullion.

I was checking if he sold mods for the Crusader Pistol, but I guess they're at the Secret Service vault.
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2021.10.23 00:52 AffiliateLeakz Turns Out Tesla Is Right. EV Buyers Only Want Teslas.

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2021.10.23 00:52 WeakerHand Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Walkthrough (No Commentary) - Part 2

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2021.10.23 00:52 Grand_Giraffe5293 Plasmoid subrace Parasite. ps this is my first attempt at a homebrew subrace be nice pls

The life of a parasite: you have 10Ac+ dex and wis and 1d4+ con health. If you spend more than 24hr without any host you will automatically fall into the dying state and must make death-saving throws.
Possession: As a parasite, you have the innate ability to fuse with other living races, not contained to humanoid but creatures sized less than huge and has a CR of below your current lvl, when fused you bring that creature to a higher standing. Upon possession the creature must make a dc15 con save or be possessed.
Symbiosis: As you need a host in order to survive you have developed the ability to raise the abilities of your host to your needs, you can raise the level of your host to your character level (this means that your host uses your character sheet). This is limited to humanoid races as a goat cannot become level 20. If possessing a non-humanoid race they will develop skills up to ¼ of your current level to a min of lvl 1 and their stats become, at the very least, the same as yours (if they have a higher stat you may boost it as if you were using an ability score improvement. This also means you may bring feats along with you into this new host. This is only if you have an ability score improvement at ¼ your current level.) you may stop possessing your host at any time but once the host is brought to 0hp you are pushed out of them.
Symbiotic aide: if needed you can use a bonus action to extend a tendril of your body out of your host to provide aid. The tentacle can then be used to provide cover, add 2 ac; cause extra dmg, deal 1d4; trip the target; they must roll a dc 8 str or dex check use the higher stat; or envelope the weapon the host is currently using, causing the attack to become poison dmg (if the weapon used to be slashing or piercing type leave a Parasitic remnant in the target).
Parasitic remnant: as a parasite, you can leave a remnant of yourself in targets that you get into the bloodstream of up to 2 remnants can be out at a time. These remnants are inactive until you choose to assimilate into one (your current Parasitic body dies and your mind possesses the chosen remnant). The host of that remnant must then succeed a dc15 con throw or become possessed. If the host is successful in their attempt to not become possessed that remnant dies and you repossess your old body. Your old body then moves at only 15ft and is vulnerable to every attack type. As you had possessed the dead parasitic body it is clear and you have adv on stealth checks during the day and during the night you get a further + 5 to stealth rolls. If they are unsuccessful you possess them and they then become your host.
Sorry if there is grammatical or spelling errors also if you have suggestions or comments add them below
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2021.10.23 00:52 Soulhero420 Akiha in Canon can beat your ass

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2021.10.23 00:52 NewsElfForEnterprise Why Shipping and Transportation Stocks Were Up Big This Week

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2021.10.23 00:52 Carnagexb29 I haven't seen comrade in a couple days

I miss him :(
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2021.10.23 00:52 bkeydesign October 22 - Open - Someone left their bed open…

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2021.10.23 00:52 depressedballofmeat [unknown platform][around 2012-2014] a little boy helping large humanoid creatures

I honestly just remembered this subreddit existed and I thought I'd shoot my shot because I actually have no clue what this game is and I've been looking for years at this point.
It's a game where you do various puzzles that cause these large things to walk in certian direction and stuff, I'm positive that I watched jacksepticeye play it, if that helps. I don't remember much about it because of it being nearly like 7 years since I watched him play. you could also use the creatures to progress in the game! they may have been hostile towards the player but my memory is too foggy for that. any help is greatly appreciated cus I'm so curious as to what this missing gem in my memory is!!
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2021.10.23 00:52 Difficult_Owl6658 [XB1] H caps W rubber

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2021.10.23 00:52 ShadowNinjaRose LF: Shiny Zacian( i don't have shield so i can't do code trade)

FT: GAMESTP OT Shiny Entei Or Jungle Shiny Celebi (level 63, but from first distribution) Extra Shiny Pokemon i have: Shiny Charizard, Shiny Claydol, Shiny Flareon, Shiny Porygon
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2021.10.23 00:52 nikobtdt taking physics classes at CC

so, to preface this, my schedule as an eschool first year (my intended major is civil) is really weird due to transferred credits/my current courses.
i Could take physics 1 in spring semester but my advisor recommends just taking it over the summer to make sure i have the proper multi calc background or whatever. i also just… don’t want to suffer through it and am willing to pay for it at a CC. however, if i take it at PVCC (the local community college) over the summer, i would not be able to take physics 2 over the summer as well… at least, it seems unlikely. would it be okay to take physics 2 in the summer after second year as a civil engineering major?? if not, what should i even do😭
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2021.10.23 00:52 EternalMemes30 What is currently the biggest problem with Unite?

what do you currently believe is making your pokemon unite experience not the best you would like it to be?
View Poll
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2021.10.23 00:52 kittenscratches- today was a big day for me big accomplishments

peed at school (:
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2021.10.23 00:52 Vampiiko It has been 1065 days, or 2 years and 11 months since the last chapter release.

I’m starting to think this isn’t a hiatus guys.
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2021.10.23 00:52 treniota Mushroom Bunny Tattoo by @mylittleblueforest

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2021.10.23 00:52 Sir_Swivelot Anyone willing to trade? Need umbreon, mewtwo, and rayquaza from celebrations for my set. Willing to trade shiny mew for them since I have an extra.

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2021.10.23 00:52 iQ-x-Qi .

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2021.10.23 00:52 nanocookie Feel silly for asking but here goes

What exactly is the Krewe of Boo thing? Is it like a parade anyone can join in? How would someone participate in it? Or do people stand by the side of the roads to watch participants go by along a route? Also, do the bystanders move along with the Krewe along the parade route?
Just to give you some context why I am asking these seemingly silly questions: I recently moved to NOLA about 2 months ago. I am gradually adapting to living here, but still have a lot to learn. I literally do not know anyone in this city otherwise I would have asked someone. I've been in the US for a while now but was stuck in grad school in a bumfuck town in the Southeast for many years, so I haven't had much exposure to the outside world as much.
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2021.10.23 00:52 Callme_ric Cherry blossom

It just hit me…. Is cherry blossom about chuck as well?
I always assumed that lana was referring to a future “child” in this song, but now that I see it placed right before sweet Carolina track it kinda clicked.
Knowing the family history with their mom, it makes me think lana herself being the oldest had to be a mother figure for chuck and Charlie.
I wonder if this is like a memory of her pushing her little sister on a swing…. Promising to be there for her.
Then we come full circle in the next track as chuck is about to her own child.
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2021.10.23 00:52 AffiliateLeakz Cathie Wood’s ARK Sells More Tesla. She’s Buying This Stock.

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2021.10.23 00:52 tbthefirst Big tits birthday girl

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2021.10.23 00:52 Due-Studio-8652 🐕 BabyDogeInu | Real diamond | Organic community growth | Buy now |Don't miss your chance for an easy x100 🚀

Ntroducing BabyDogeInu - The Ultimate Doge & Shiba Love-Child
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First order of business- Our Tokenomics
BabyDogeInu’s smart contract applies a TOTAL fee of 10% on all transactions;
Out of this, 8% is automatically redistributed back to holders in the form of $BabyDogeInu, without farming! This means the amount of tokens in your wallet will always experience a state of increase, if you HODL. In addition, the Baby Doge Inu smart contract also takes 2% of each transaction & automatically adds it to the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool will continuously increase, which will consistently lead to a higher price floor.
Next order of business? Our Team.
Not only is our very own developer, Captain Awesome, doxxed, with a professional background that grants YOU a peace of mind, but our core team consists of professional tech enthusiasts. We’ve got:
Experienced Blockchain Dev
Professional graphics designers
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& dedicated marketing specialists, who are passionate about De-Fi & Crypto, and focused on it.
AND IF you’re concerned about the contract- Don’t! It’s officially, and professionally, Audited. We implemented our audit with TechRate, and passed it with flying colors. That’s the type of effort we put into everything we do!
Contract: 0x3c89650d2efe7158ce20c3490e7e590e90a243a2
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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