Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes! Josh Karlin. Screenshots. Below are shown various shots of Launchy in action, opening a variety of files and programs - in just a few taps of the keyboard. What the Press is Saying ... ULA is the nation’s most experienced space launch company with more than 145 consecutive launches and a 100% mission success rate. ULA brings the utmost precision, passion and purpose to one of the most technically complex, critical American needs: affordable, reliable access to space. Noise has launched X-Fit 1, which is a fitness tracker. The device comes with a 1.52-inch IPS LCD TruView display and other features including the sleep cycle tracker and more. 元征科技主要从事车联网产品及汽车后市场产品研发,包括golo、汽车诊断设备、检测设备、养护设备的研发、生产和销售,旗下产品有golo、X431诊断仪、creader读码卡、四轮定位仪、举升机等 MSN Launch Velocity. The launch velocity of a projectile can be calculated from the range if the angle of launch is known. It can also be calculated if the maximum height and range are known, because the angle can be determined. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. An integrated creative agency that helps brands leave a mark on people, business, and culture PULSE ... Loading... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.12.01 10:15 Lower_Hall_3124 GOLLEM FAIR LAUNCH NOW


GOLLEM start with 5 BNB liquidity, so don't miss the first shoot.

Token Information :

Name : Gollem

Symbol : GOLLEM

Blockchain : BSC

Total Supply :

Burn : 500.000.000.000

Liquidity locked

Contract Verified

Contract Address : 0xD2BF5C101B140cea1D22dC6843078E60Fc55d187

Pancakeswap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xD2BF5C101B140cea1D22dC6843078E60Fc55d187

Contract : https://bscscan.com/token/0xD2BF5C101B140cea1D22dC6843078E60Fc55d187
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2021.12.01 10:15 newsdk HK vinder sag om sexchikane og sikrer kvinde historisk høj godtgørelse på 250.000 kroner

HK vinder sag om sexchikane og sikrer kvinde historisk høj godtgørelse på 250.000 kroner submitted by newsdk to newsdk [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 10:15 vvrice [Breeds] Which one fits me most?

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?

2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
3) Describe your ideal dog.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
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2021.12.01 10:15 specialnugs Sent Machine for Repair

I use my Nespresso machine everyday. It’s coffee and espresso have become ingrained in my everyday life, the caffeine is just absolutely is essential (I am a grad student). I sent my machine in for repair 4 weeks ago. I have called twice, once this week and once last, to try and receive an update, since I haven’t gotten any info at all. Both times I was told they were still “working on it”. When I initially started this process I was told it would take two weeks. If you’ve sent your machine in- what was the process like for you? I read on this sub that you could even receive a loaner machine while they maintenance yours. I asked about this, but they said they had none available. )-,:
Do we think this is a result of the worker shortage… that is a direct result of corporations paying non-living wages?
I have spent way too much on coffee in the past 4 weeks, so I guess it’s time to buy a coffee maker (and keep the receipt).
TL;DR Sent my machine in 4 weeks ago and I have heard nothing, when should I expect it back?
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2021.12.01 10:15 callumbnks Does Jonah/Artist not have adept achievements yet?

not seeing on xbox, are these usually added later on or?
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2021.12.01 10:15 hoodie-season Milieuzone Maastricht petition

Hey all! 👋We are very close to our goal for this petition and we need all of you to help!!
Do you want clean air? Then sign Milieudefensie’s petition! Our air in Maastricht is polluted with soot, fine dust and nitrogen dioxide at dangerously high levels. Making Maastricht one of the most polluted city in the Netherlands. Our current government promised us an environmental zone in Maastricht, and we need to hold them to it. On Wednesday there will be a municipality meeting where representatives from the Maastricht climate coalition will bring up the most urgent matters. Among these, they will discuss the air quality of our city and demand for an environmental zone in Maastricht. Milieudefensie has created this petition but they need to reach 2000 signatures before the municipality takes it into consideration. That’s why we need all of you to help! We need you to show your support by signing this petition NOW. Time is running out! You deserve to breathe freely. 💚
Link to the petition!
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2021.12.01 10:15 FryCopy What happened to O'Neill being so special?

Dont remember exactly how or when the line went but i remember the Asgard saying that O'Neill being the next step in human evolution or that he's special in some sort of way. Why didn't this get explored further? Now hes just some general sitting on his ass inside the cheyenne mountain complex. Shouldn't his character had a better story told about this? Or did the writers just forget
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2021.12.01 10:15 Paullt88 Any reason not to buy SPDR?

Im currently building my portfolio and planning to buy both SPYW & SPDR, As i live in france i cant buy SCHD however i read that not a lot of people like this etf Any particular reason?
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2021.12.01 10:15 gopoohgo SAB Biotherapeutics Announces SAB-176 Met its Primary Endpoint in Phase 2a Challenge Study in Adults Infected with Influenza Virus

Statistically significant improvement in their small Phase 2 trial for SAB-176 without adverse reactions.
They are going to start a full Phase2 trial Q2 2022.
Shares be popping PM; up 14% as I write this!
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2021.12.01 10:15 N4gN1rN4hS Can someone help me understand why my game became unlaunchable? (Windows 10) (Games Services)

Obviously meaning Gears 5, playing from Windows 10 PC.

I have had it installed mostly as a Companion in case I leave the city and I take my laptop with me (so only play ir rarely from there). But last weekend I tried to open it to play aaaand it didn't launch. The shortcut became a white piece of paper. If I tried to open it from "All my apps and games" it would instead launch the Windows Store, and open "Games Services" an app which had like 1.7 stars (made by Microsoft) and a ton of comments saying that thing was broken etc.

After trying over and over, even restarting the laptop. It's as if I had to update Games Services in order to keep launching Gears 5 but Games Services didn't actually have an update or the Windows Store was unable to find said update.

I also recently upgraded the internal memory from HDD to SSD, just in case Windows is like Xbox's and I now HAVE TO move it to SSD. Hope not.
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2021.12.01 10:15 nitrosandking [WTS] Arc'teryx Men's LEAF Cold WX LT Jacket - XL - New

WTS: Men's Arc'teryx LEAF Cold WX LT Jacket (No Hood)
Size: XL
Color: Wolf
Price: $330 shipped Paypal Friends and Family (or +% fees for G/S ) - CONUS only
Condition: New with Tags
Images: Photos
Notes: This should be a gen. 1 Cold WX LT Jacket, so the materials should be GORE WINDSTOPPER® 2L 70d Polyester Plain Weave & CORELOFT™ 3.0oz Insulation. Added photos of approximate measurements and timestamp.
PM if interested or have questions.
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2021.12.01 10:15 farklinkbot A river doesn't run through it

A river doesn't run through it submitted by farklinkbot to fark [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 10:15 No-Opposite-5704 Danganronpa Decadence

So I plan on getting the new Danganronpa summer camp game once it comes out but I already ordered danganronpa decadence and I was wondering what games danganronpa decadence comes with. I know I could search this up on google (I did) but I just really want to make sure.
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2021.12.01 10:15 premyslvaculik iPad mini 6 – malý, ale šikovný [recenze]

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2021.12.01 10:15 xxJim /me passes out

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2021.12.01 10:15 BertoTaco What strategy do you go for when ecoing, and what are the goals?

I only go for grouped eco and only to grouped pinks usually. I rarely eco with blacks or whites or any space eco unless I'm trying to force an upgrade on the opponent who is using farms (no one in battles 2).
I stall a lot so I always go for 600 on rounds 6-7 and 800 on rounds 8-9 but I feel like I greed a bit too much at times. (Yes I do play with camo regen and fortified)
Also what best counters tack spam lol
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2021.12.01 10:15 finger-banking 8992 2662 8079 Gifts 🎁 Pls

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2021.12.01 10:15 bibihugepp How do you deal with Insomnia

I've had many people i know that suffered from insomnia and I wondered how it felt like. I'm also doing a project at school on this and this would really help me
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2021.12.01 10:15 AigoNUB Academic progression stage 3

Does anyone have any experience or know what to do in stage 3 of the academic progression and what is needed to not get kicked out? Really worried I didn't meet the mark. I've been failing a lot of courses ever since everything went online, haven't had the best mindset on life from lockdown. After being called out for stage 2, I had a talk with the academic advisor and made some plans to work things out. Though when things went back into lockdown, a lot of those plans didn't end up lasting. I picked myself up near the end of the semester and tried my best to pass all of my courses. I just finished my last exam today and Im really worried I didn't do enough to pass my courses. Don't want to get kicked out of my degree.
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2021.12.01 10:15 ukheather Get £5 cash FREE instantly with Ziglu plus earn interest on your crypto! (UK only)

Get £5 cash FREE instantly with Ziglu plus earn interest on your crypto! (UK only)
Sign up to Ziglu and buy at least £1 of crypto and get £5 cash instantly! You can sell the £1 bitcoin back or keep it, whatever you prefer.
You can choose from Bitcoin, ETH, Doge, Tezos, Litecoin, Chainlink, Cardano and Bitcoin Cash. They add more over time as well.
You now also earn 5% interest on Bitcoin or UK pounds (changed into TGBP), no minimum amount!!
Sign up, verify ID, buy at least £1 crypto and get £5 cash INSTANTLY!
You can buy crypto with the £5 and earn interest, or withdraw it!
You have to buy at least £1 crypto or you won't get the £5 cash!
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2021.12.01 10:15 IpseVenenaBibas1 Jefferson Kim uploaded the court proceedings for the protection order hearing against him. In it, his batshit blog(s) and YouTube channel get brought up. I'm not going to listen to it all, but if GSK is mentioned that would be the tits

Jefferson Kim uploaded the court proceedings for the protection order hearing against him. In it, his batshit blog(s) and YouTube channel get brought up. I'm not going to listen to it all, but if GSK is mentioned that would be the tits submitted by IpseVenenaBibas1 to gammasecretkings [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 10:15 mehranjunejo They definitely knew.

They definitely knew. submitted by mehranjunejo to theyknew [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 10:15 Yenyatta The map always looks like this. (The only mod enabled is old world blues)

The map always looks like this. (The only mod enabled is old world blues) I tried uninstalling and reinstalling hoi4, and tried unsubscribing and subscribing to all my mods but it hasn't fixed it. I don't have any dlcs. Is there a way to fix this?
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2021.12.01 10:15 MingoUSA The Forgotten Chinese Chef Who Taught America to Stir-Fry

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2021.12.01 10:15 thinkingzen Wayne County GOP canvasser William Hartmann dies following battle with COVID-19

Wayne County GOP canvasser William Hartmann dies following battle with COVID-19 submitted by thinkingzen to Detroit [link] [comments]