RUMOR: ND/USC to the B10??

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2021.12.01 10:29 doodsgamer RUMOR: ND/USC to the B10??

Hearing from some tailgate boosters that Notre Dame and USC may be looking to join the B10? Anyone else hearing the same rumors?
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2021.12.01 10:29 NeoStarSky97 DNA appliance vs MSE

So a bit of a follow up to my post:
I have visited an orthodontist and official MSE provider in my city. I underwent another sleep test which confirmed I have sleep apnea (supine AHI: 14.9, oxygen sat (lowest) at 89%, heart beat with 100 max and 40 min) and also that I snore lightly and a new thing which I don't see often - teeth clenching. The last 2 symptoms are somewhat unnoticed by me but the reports do show bruxism and he did point out that enamel has worn off from one of the teeth.
My primary concern for visiting him was for MSE and I believed I was a good candidate for it. My nighttime congestion is really bad without flonase/azeltase spray and I often wake up twice or thrice with the right side blocked. Apart from that, I have a somewhat narrow arch, tongue scalloping, tongue tie and my lower set of teeth (molars) are pointed inwards. I have also had a deviated septum which was corrected with septoplasty/turbinoplasty last year but after that, the apnea really kicked in.
Coming to the title. The doctor suggested MSE or the DNA appliance initially. But after seeing the gempro sleep study, he said that my airways are mostly clear and I'm not the right candidate for MSE. If my nose gets blocked every night, that is some evidence that I don't have adequate airflow right? I don't believe I have an allergic reaction to anything in my room.
In combination with the clenching, as a permanent solution he said that my only course of action is DNA for a permanent solution at the moment. I did my reading on it and people are hinting that it is a scam and there is no 3rd party scientific evidence of any bone expansion and it just moves the teeth around.
Is it fine to go with MSE or DNA here?
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2021.12.01 10:29 MunkyDust94 Question about Klarna..

Only used Klarna once so far, one large purchase from a single store using the 3 payments option.
If I buy from multiple stores on the same day using the 3 payments option, will the monthly payments come out on the same day? Tried asking customer service and their reply was so confusing.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.01 10:29 escapeeast Coronavirus pandemic overshadows another Maine crisis: Drug overdose deaths Maine is on pace to lose more than 600 residents to overdose this year, which would shatter the record set just last year.

Coronavirus pandemic overshadows another Maine crisis: Drug overdose deaths Maine is on pace to lose more than 600 residents to overdose this year, which would shatter the record set just last year. submitted by escapeeast to Covid19Maine [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 10:29 HomelessZillionaire $RDHL

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2021.12.01 10:29 Tetzelfire How is it Joe Biden couldn't show up in Waukesha after a horrific attack killing six, where childrenare stillin the hospital, supposedly due to difficult logistics according to his press secretary, yet he will be in Michigan today due to a school shooting?

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2021.12.01 10:29 Modifiyekrali hmmm

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2021.12.01 10:29 SingleActivity2852 [M4F] Looking for steamy angst romance plots

To make it simple, please read below for my requirements, I promise to keep things brief and consistent.
Age Requirements: Please be over the age of 20+.
Ways To Play: Discord is the way to go for me. I like servers and to organise myself in them.
Contact: Message me in the chat. It will be the easiest way to catch me.
Character Preferences: I am flexible, but i prefer to play matured characters, I have an array of different kinds and I do not have any requirements to what my partner's characters should be like. But I don't enjoy playing against MARY-SUE’S. Ugh. Please. I hate the overly-used “damsel in distress”. My character is intrigued by a woman with attitude. I enjoy realistic and flawed characters. Expect the same from my character.
Roleplay Style: Original roleplays only. I am a literate person, I prefer a well written response of at least 2 paragraphs. More is encouraged but I want to not turn a roleplay into a chore. Whatever floats your boat, give me enough to be able to respond back.
Genre Preferences: I'm looking for some angst romance based plots. I have a few ideas involving triangle romances which I really what to try. I am always open to listen and check out some of the ideas from you. If not, no problem, I have plenty of ideas that I'm itching to try. If you feel like we can create a story together, feel free to contact me. All I ask is not to ghost me, show me you are just as invested as I am in the roleplay.
Extra: I love to build and chat along the story. I need to get to be comfortable around the partner I will write with. This is also for a long term writer, not an occasional post here and there.
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2021.12.01 10:29 RazerPSN LG 34GN850 alternatives?

Loved this monitor, unfortunately i had two of them with dead pixels after a while, so it's time to look for something different
Any advice? I'm a graphic designer, so i would prefer an IPS
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2021.12.01 10:29 MakeMeRichIDC Our „Homework“ folder

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2021.12.01 10:29 saltyburger66 C.CORTUNA NOT POOPING

hello all! got a c.cortuna 2 weeks ago (15Nov) from a local reputable breeder (living in SEA) and the frog has yet to poop. spoken to the breeder and he told me that its fine as long as he/she is eating. have tried soaking with warm honey water twice(weekly basis)
attached some photos of my frog (frog is around 2inch size), is my frog looking healthy?
below are my tank setup
1.10gal tank, with hideout and waterbowl
2.aquatic sponge substrate (breeder recommended me to stick with sponge for the first couple of weeks before switching over to substrate to better monitor any abnormality and to avoid impaction as he/she is still very young , has been kept in sponge environment since early age)

  1. temp 80-84 fahrenheit / 70-80% humidity
  2. water treated with exo terra aquatize
  3. feeding african night crawlers/pac attack
currently i am housing a c.cranwelli as well, and he poops every other day. been watching videos from taiwan breeders stating that c.cornuta should not be fed as frequent as c.cranwelli as their bowel function is different from cranwelli's.
appreciate your insights and tips on handling a c.cortuna :)
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2021.12.01 10:29 thehomeygrail Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Pet Robot, 2-in-1 Wet Mop and Dry Robot Vacuum, WiFi Connected with Structured Navigation $399.99 -> $299.99

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2021.12.01 10:29 bpaint45 Pit bull, me, acrylic and oil paints, 2018

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2021.12.01 10:29 khaytsus Anytone 578/868/878 gets GPS Zone Roaming!

Roaming on these radios has always been "scan and poke until found" but they added GPS based Zone Roaming in an update yesterday. Set a center point and a radius and it'll automatically switch to the specified zone when everything is enabled, very cool.
Find it at the normal places for your radio(s) and keep in mind some sellers don't immediately publish updates until they do some testing themselves so you could get it from other retailers, or you're always free to not update and/or wait. :)
As always, follow the instructions and update both the CPS and the firmware, reset the radio and re-download codeplug. You'll also need to go to Tool->Options in the CPS and re-select any options your radio has, such as GPS, APRS, APRS RX, etc, or you may see strange behavior. So far the only bug anyone has noticed is UTC seems to be an hour off, however, UTC-5 in my timezone seems fine so it might be specific to UTC/GMT time, not sure as I personally haven't seen the issue, mine set to UTC shows the right time.
And what's not there; SMS sending on Analog APRS unless you have the new models that do APRS RX. It appears they added SMS rx/tx on APRS-RX capable models, but not on the models that only transmit APRS. It's a shame, be nice if the non-APRS-RX model could send SMS but I suppose since it can't receive it maybe they thought they shouldn't allow it, or they use the BR+APRS board to facilitate it.
FYI here's the changelog for the 878, not the II model, the others are similar but likely different.
D878UV firmware update V1.25 (dated 2021-11-30)
Change List

  1. Allow to select TG and RX group list for the new channel created in radio menu.
  2. Improve the Single Frequency Repeater unstable problem.
  3. CPS->APRS->Analog, add 8 groups analog TX frequency. In CPS->Channel->Analog APRS Report Freq, allows select a TX frequency to transmit the analog APRS.
  4. CPS->Common Setting->Channel ->DMR Mode, add “DCDM TS Split” mode. In this mode, the radio receives on the selected slot in channel, but in transmission it will use the other slot. This configuration is only in use when the radio talks through a D578UV in repeater mode with fixed slot.
  5. CPS->Common Setting ->GPS Roaming, allow user set a list of GPS locations, when GPS positioning is within the preset radiation radius of coordinates, the radio will switch to the corresponding zone. CPS->Common Setting-> Optional Setting ->GPS/Ranging -> GPS Roaming should be set ON to enable this function(make sure the GPS should be ON first).
  6. CPS->Common Setting ->Zone -> Zone hide, add Zone Hide function in the Zone menu, it allows user hide some zone when they don’t need it on display. Since the Zone Hide is new inserted item, it may be checked automatically when open an existing codeplug. CPS->Tool-> Zone Hide Operation, allows you check or uncheck all Zone Hide.
  7. Add APRS SMS function in the radio menu, allows the radio to receive and transmit APRS message. (Valid only when install the optional BT+APRS board) Sending APRS Text from one AnyTone radio to another that has the APRS Rx feature. Go to the radio Menu –> APRS –> APRS SMS where you can add a text message using the microphone keys, use the # key to switch from alpha to numbers, etc. After entering your text, confirm it with the Menu button to get to the next Call Sign / SSID entry screen. Enter the Call Sign and SSID dash number for the user you want to send the message to; use the # key to switch from alpha to numbers, etc. When you confirm the Call Sign the APRS test message will send. NOTE: APRS SMS TX setting is using the CPS->APRS-> Analog setting, so the received channel should have the matched frequency setting/CTCSS setting/band width to the TX radio's APRS setting, and have the APRS RX turned on.
  8. CPS->Common Setting ->Optional Setting->Key Function, add “Ana APRS Info”, for fast accessing the received APRS information. (Valid only when install the optional BT+APRS board)
  9. CPS->Common Setting ->Channel -> Send Talker Alias, make the Talker Alias to be private setting for each channel, instead of public setting for all channels.
  10. CPS->Tool -> APRS information Manager, allows the CPS to read the received APRS message from radio and export. (Valid only when install the optional BT+APRS board)
  11. Add “Draft” in the Messages menu, unsuccessful SMS is saved in draft and can be resent.
  12. Add timezone GMT+5:30(India), GMT+5:45 (Nepal), GMT+4:30(Afganistan), GMT+3:30(Iran) GMT-3:30 (Newfoundland, Canada), GMT+8:30 (Eucla)
  13. Change the APRS message to be a lower priority than menu, the radio will not be kicked out of radio menu when receive the APRS message.
  14. Correct the reverb/echo sound issue when transmit analog in the A+D channel.
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2021.12.01 10:29 DifferentTower7659 Bison at 35 below zero. Yellowstone National Park, USA.

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2021.12.01 10:29 mcp99 Hoping to go to the game after work today

I’ve read their backpack policy, just wondering if anybody has successfully brought a school sized backpack in with them before. Any response is appreciated, LGR
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2021.12.01 10:29 hootanahalf A little baby freakout. Not a full-blown one...

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2021.12.01 10:29 Unhappy-Psychology78 کون 😐👌👉

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2021.12.01 10:29 Rude-crypto Airdrop BEST

Les cryptonautes résidant en France peuvent bénéficier de jusqu'à 200 € d'Airdrops de BEST (monnaie native de l'écosystème Bitpanda) en ouvrant un compte avec Blockpit (outil crypto fiscal) à travers la plateforme Bitpanda. Veuillez consulter les conditions pour bénéficier de l'Airdrop et les promotions de licences Blockpit Cryptotax dans l'article de blog suivant : (approbation des modérateurs accordée)
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2021.12.01 10:29 Jay_Bayer How I got 3 shinies in one day. PokeRadar method.

Because of how high the chance for chains to randomly break, the pokeradar feels really frustrating to use. I have started to just get to a 15 chain, then just keep resetting the radar. With 4 "encounters" this gives you odds close to the masuda method. Except you can reset the radar every 10ish seconds, which makes this method faster than masuda, considering you don't have to menu eggs or wait for egg hatching scenes. I did 3 hunts like this today and each time managed to get sparkles within an hour each time. (Small sample size, may have just gotten lucky of course) but I think this method is way less rage inducing than the 39/40 chain, and way less boring than eggs. Sorry if this method is old news by now.
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2021.12.01 10:29 RegularRedditSmurf Gym Leader move PP question, help appreciated

How much PP do Gym Leader's moves have in this game? Have they used any PP ups or all their moves at base PP?
Asking before a risky nuzlocke battle.
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2021.12.01 10:29 Original_Locksmith_9 messi

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2021.12.01 10:29 ZoobBot 189521

This is the 189521st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.01 10:29 ospination Detalle de "Encanto". El gol de Rincón a Alemania en Italia 90.

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2021.12.01 10:29 superfly2hi2die Found this in a weird crypto tg. Was told you guys might like it

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