If you was buzzo. And you must drop the girl baby(buddy) to a group or a person. Which one you would choose?

2022.01.28 22:27 Nima-3 If you was buzzo. And you must drop the girl baby(buddy) to a group or a person. Which one you would choose?

I didnt include rando option becuse we all know no one can take care of a baby as good as rando.
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2022.01.28 22:27 thebigmanager Legit sugar mommy ❤️

I know you need some help to pay your bills! Have some debts to clear! Need to satisfy your wants! inbox me right now... HMU to meet your legit Sugar momma. Your welfare is my concern! Text my snap : jodycdyson ..all sugar baby are welcome from anywhere 😊🥰❤️🥳
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2022.01.28 22:27 KoshaBear This sucks but tour confirmed?

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2022.01.28 22:27 amnesiac7 Some Light Shines in the Biden Tunnel

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2022.01.28 22:27 CheddarDoodle ART 317 Rhino 3D

I checked the syllabus for this class and it requires the program Rhino 3D, which is supposedly $995 to download? Tell me this isn't actually the case.
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2022.01.28 22:27 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.28 22:27 PenelopeJune8 Saw this photo for the first time today and though it should be shared 😍🥵

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2022.01.28 22:27 zman2pointo [SPOILER] I found someone post epilogue at Clemons Point..wish I could take him with me. Has anyone else encountered anything like this?

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2022.01.28 22:27 Catch-Da-Craze Doodie is getting closer to filling his ship. 68 Recruits signed up. Can we fill his ship with 100 recruits before he gets to Earth’s Orbit? Are you ready to become a DOODSTER? Sign up today https://bit.ly/3noHSBE

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2022.01.28 22:27 Anderson_Grant Holiday pay being a rate before a pay rise.

Right I’ve just seen my payslip and I’m almost certain I am right but I want you guys to give your opinion (sorry for the long story)
I live in the uk and in November I was given a payrise from £9 to £9:50 so was happily until I found out that was what minimum wage was going up to next year..
Another thing that happened was my employers said that in January and February They were doing an extension to the kitchen so we’re closed and that they would pay out our holiday which thankfully I had a lot of because I hadn’t taken time off
I have just been given my pay for some of the time I worked in December and all of my holiday…….I was given my time in December at a rate of £9:50 but all of my holiday was £9
I know it wouldn’t be much holiday accrued with my payrise but surely I should ask for that extra amount for that time
Looking for advice as to how I should bring up that problem and if I’m being stupid (but I don’t think I’m being unreasonable)
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.28 22:27 truejeff [AFK clear] DH-MO-1 (medal trimmed)

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2022.01.28 22:27 johnnyespoisme MGMT- Weekend Wars lyric interpretation

Evil SIS to find a shore - Lost on a boat in the ocean, or in a vast landscape and looking for something out of the ordinary, or a place that will accept, a setting that will provide comfort. Had to look up the meaning of S.I.S vs. S.O.S. but came up with nothing. Perhaps it is a sinister sister that this line means to be perceived from.
A beast that doesn’t quiver anymore - A sense of comfort via stillness (“doesn’t quiver”). I had originally misinterpreted this line as “A beach that doesn’t quiver anymore”, hence the previous relation of S.I.S. to S.O.S. The use of the word “anymore” leads to the idea that this place was once alive.
And we can crush some plants to paint my walls - A connection to nature. A humanly and artistic use of fauna in nature embellishes a connection to the past. This line also gives us a sense that the characters in the setting have enough time on their hands to focus on aesthetics, which could be viewed as a connection to the future instead of the past. If you have enough time to crush plants to paint your walls then you aren’t struggling for the stuff at the bottom of the pyramid of needs (food, shelter, warmth, etc)
And I wont try to fight in the weekend wars - With little information to work with, weekend wars gives me a good vision of social competition and libation on Friday and Saturday night. If the characters were in a comfortable setting where everything is provided competing in these wars is a possibility. If the characters were living in the past where much toil was necessary to live today and tomorrow and the next day, than they wont try to fight in the weekend wars.
Was I? I was too lazy to bathe - This is surely a reference to the present era, not the past in the big scheme of things, but perhaps the recent past. In this era all of our needs can be met with enough time to spare to contemplate apathy. Or paint or write or try to make a change - Apathy and boredom go hand in hand. The endlessness of technology and information that is presented to us is beyond comprehension. Input overload can create a sense of “why even do this if I know my impact will be beyond insignificant” or “everything has been done, and there is no such idea that hasn’t been thought and carried out already”. I often wonder if this sense of want was born in the human psyche thousands of years ago. Up until we started using agriculture, this sense of want was absolutely necessary for us to survive as a species. More recently, this sense of want has transformed into the need for terms like "retail therapy" or "drug addict". Now I can shoot a gun to kill my lunch - A reference to living in a way of old, where you must provide for yourself instead of going to the grocery store. This line is said with pride, and it should be. The gratification of providing food for yourself is something I do not know of, but I can imagine that it’s quite a feeling to know that you have changed something in your surroundings for the benefit of yourself, and possibly others. As humans I believe it’s important to notice when we have enough, and go no further once we’ve had this realization. Are the things that we are creating to make our lives easier actually good for us? Are they good for the people around us? Are they good for our environment, and various plants and animals that surround us? Are they good for the folks seven generations from now? Many questions arise from this idea that may be valid to ask from time to time. And I don’t have to love or think to much - In boredom, thought can become a cyclical enemy of unknown intentions, constantly on autopilot. A nod to the current climate where we MUST think to much, and the path’s ahead of us lay out in an infinite tree of decisions, omnidirectional, omnipresent. Choice beyond choice via modes that aren’t understood by us, or our descendants, or the collective and enduring psyche… our similarities in feelings and behavior that may never be said or understood by some and others or all. Instant battle plans written on the sidewalk
Mental mystics in a twisted metal car - New age hippies and hipsters with plenty of surface level philosophy have crashed their car competing in the weekend wars when they had too much one night. Try to amplify the sound of light and love - This is easy to interpret, not to mention fucking awesome.
Christ is cursed of fathers and martyrs - This was originally interpreted by myself as “Christ has cursed our fathers and our dogs” which seemed way cooler to me, that son of a bitch christ cursed my fucking DOG! I’m not 100 on this one, but it could be that he’s saying the martyrs have cursed christ’s name because they had the wrong idea, and sacrificed themselves for it. Same with fathers, maybe a slight jab at procreation? It might even take a knife to split a hair - Perhaps meant to clarify the previous bar, indicating that fathers and martyrs are one in the same. A martyr with the incorrect idea curses christ by misunderstanding christ’s message and then sacrificing themselves for it, therefore perpetuating the misunderstood idea. A Father sacrifices his ability to compete in weekend wars by having children. Perhaps he himself is misunderstood. Perhaps he has misunderstood having a child as the correct path, cursing the child to be born into a world of much suffering, suffering that hasn’t been rectified by any martyr, christ or otherwise. There is an incredibly real chance that I myself an currently misunderstanding every lyric in this song, and an absolute certainty that suffering still exists. Or even scare the children off my lawn - Fatherhood? Giving us time to make a makeshift bomb - Plans for retaliation forming. Every mess invested was a score - ? We couldn’t use computers anymore
Cause its difficult to win unless you’re bored - Boredom is not mutually exclusive to apathy, for in some of us it breeds perseverance.
And you might have to plan for the weekend war
Try to break my heart ill drive to Arizona
- The man runs from emotional trouble at first sight. It might take a hundred years to grow an arm - In order to drive to Arizona you must have at least one arm. This sounds like a cop out formed by a broken spirit. If you break my hurt me I’ll leave. Insert hurt. Post hurt: I can’t leave because I have no gas! An empty threat from a bored, apathetic, needy individual. Ill sit and listen to the sound of sand and cold - When Arizona doesn’t pan out and the empty threat communicated, the spirit finds comfort in his sadness. Sand is comfort, coldness is sadness. Twisted diamond heart I’m the weekend warrior - Twisted diamond heart may be the broken spirited, and the weekend warrior may be an outlet in the form of chemical relief. A diamond is the hardest substance known, and to have a diamond heart would be a tough exterior that is near impossible to penetrate, filled with potent emotions that are trapped inside. The weekend warrior introducing themselves to the twisted diamond heart is a moment that could make or break the spirit of the broken. Should the weekend wars prove too much they may end up “mental mystic”. The imagery in this line is powerful and stuck in my head, I must draw it. I may even get it tattooed on my chest. My predictions are the only things I have - Unsure I can amplify the sound of light and love - Awesome I’m a curse and I’m a sound When I open up my mouth There’s a reason I don’t win I don’t know how to begin - Another possible reference to the endlessness of possible paths laid before us in current times. I have problems committing to things, so when I open my mouth and say them out loud to another, it can be a curse. The interlocutor now expects it of me to do the thing that I have said. A lot of times upon receival of more information or another’s opinion this conviction becomes clouded.
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2022.01.28 22:27 Over_Ad9086 Anyone had any experience with Horizons Music?

I recently bought three albums from horizons music and I’ve heard mixed reviews about them. Any thoughts on if my albums will come damaged or if they will even come at all? If you’ve had an experience with them please share.
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2022.01.28 22:27 corywiththaflu NEW REACTION VIDEO‼️l The Last HoodBender…

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2022.01.28 22:27 hotgirlfan Upzoning legislation passes out of committee in State Senate by vote of 10-1

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2022.01.28 22:27 Sprakers MP5 Airsoft

Swit MP5 looks awesome!
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2022.01.28 22:27 josephv2194 What is a good website to download textbook pdfs?

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2022.01.28 22:27 Tr0llGaM3r My Gf(15) is the girl known for having a past with alot of guys and I Bf(16) not so popular go to the same school with all of them

Me and Gf got together recently in November and things have been going really good for the most part but she is known for having a reputation of dating alot of guys and I dont really care about it too much but its the fact that she still talks to some of her ex's wich she said were all bad relationships and how she doesn't like any of them. She also says trust is everything and important but when I got up while were laying down, she got on her phone and when I turned around to lay back down she suddenly turned her phone towards her as if she didn't want me to see anything and I ignored it but I have been overthinking about it alot because she also talks to mostly boys in general and I'm not saying girls can't have guy friends but I've met most of her guy friends and they have either checked her out behind her back or make crude comments about us when were together and she doesn't seem to even notice and it makes me feel a little crazy because I dont say anything because I dont want to be like that controlling creep but is it Right for me to feel these ways? because i feel like im stressing over everything for nothing but I keep coming back to certain thoughts and they ruin my mood and make me a depressing person to be around for my Gf and I feel bad for her as if im not good enough and accusing her of false accusations but things keep happening. Is this all in my head? is it okay to be cautious about other guys?
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2022.01.28 22:27 pordefecto86 Intercambiamos??👀

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2022.01.28 22:27 Kis_Cica Anti-vax row could blight Harry and Meghan's £18m Spotify deal

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2022.01.28 22:27 Current-Strike-9479 Books for in-house counsel re: leadership, building a department at a growing/small startup?

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2022.01.28 22:27 Clear-Ad-3314 Old Chicken

Yoo so I have a chicken i got back when I was in elementary school idk exactly when and parents don’t either. I’m 23 now, I turn 24 in august. She’s still looking alive and sane even after ten years and some. Is it a miracle? Is she dead and are worms or some shit controlling her body? I only have 2 chickens her and a chicken she had herself back when I had a rooster and both of them still act as it was back then nothing seems off but the hens age
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2022.01.28 22:27 Id0ntunderstandj0kes Horrible pick-up lines (4)

You: Are you a bath sponge
You: Because I want to get you wet
Them: Ohh that's sound hot
You: I'll go start boiling the water
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2022.01.28 22:27 urgaiiii Technoblade?

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2022.01.28 22:27 thirdcoastcottage What’s wrong with my monstera? My other monsteras are happy as clams, this gal is suffering :(

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